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Underground Resurrection Tour Review


"This is the best concert I've ever been to..."


The air was electric when I pulled into the parking lot of The Roxy Theatre, a midsize venue in Denver’s historic 5 Points owned by Ivan Ovichinnikov and Travis Ragan, LSP’s Scum and Troll of Slo Pain. This was promising to be a night to remember. The line to get in was continually halfway around the building for most of the night. A sea of painted faces and diehard fans in hatchet gear spilled from the parking lot. I smiled at the spontaneous outbursts of “family” which filled the night always echoed by others in line. There was excited chatter throughout the long line to the door. Tonight was the Boondox Underground Resurrection Tour! Headlining the night were Dark Half, Chop Shop, Cousin Cleetus, and Boondox.

The evening was hosted by none other than Cyco of Insane Poetry. It’s always a treat when Cyco is hosting a show. He is funny, friendly, and loves to interact with his audience. He really knows how to get the audience hyped and how to keep them happy. The evening was started by a few local up and comers, notably DPR who was joined by Luni Spade of Slo Pain for a song and Skrewball who was joined by Whyte Out for part of his set. There were also the crazy antics of Dirty Bong Water. They always manage to make everyone smile and have a great time with their many songs about smoking reefer.

Queen took the stage alone that night and proved she doesn't need back up. The audience was captivated through her entire set moved by her hard hitting lyrics and catchy melodies. Her range is amazing rapping one second and full out singing the next. At the end of her set she tossed a stuffed Elmo into the audience. The girl who caught it was beaming, it really made her night, turns out she is a huge fan. Next to take the stage were the husband and wife team Shadgrow and Nado who are That Which Grows Within. Their Horrorcore/Metal style music always gets the crowd on their feet and ready to mosh. Their lyrics are fun yet gruesome while the metal beats make you have to move. During their song Love You To Death, an unforgettable song about how much they love each other but also want to kill each other, the mosh pit erupted into play fighting to match the mock fighting on stage.

The lights went down, the stage went black, and the crowd fell silent. A familiar voice came over the speakers, “Are you ready?” Troll’s voice asked. The music started and Luni Spade stormed the stage. I don’t know if people were more shocked by the energy coming off of the stage or by his face. Bloody wounds covered his entire face and a zipper ran down the bridge of his nose. The crowd loved it! Singing along to Psych Meds the mosh pit grew, people threw up their Spades, the whole place was on their feet bouncing and Spade kept them coming. He was joined by Troll and DeJangles da Shoestring King also of Slo Pain for some new thought provoking and emotional songs such as, Judgment Day and Pain N Sufferin. Lighters went up and swayed to the music, the mood was somber as the set was ending.

As Slo Pain was leaving the stage Troll stopped and said, “Wait. We haven’t gotten this party started yet!” The first few bars of Beat em Down came over the speakers as the stage and the audience erupted into song and wild heartfelt dance. Cries of Benzo could be heard throughout the song played as a tribute to a fallen friend, brother, and fellow member of Slo Pain. The audience was still amped when Cyco took the stage. Joined by Scum they played I’m Not Right In The Head. The stage show for this song is so much fun to watch. It’s a back and forth of gestures while rapping about being not right in the head. The faces Cyco and Scum make get downright scary at times. Those who weren’t braving the mosh pit held their L’s up bouncing their arms singing along.

Cyco and Scum were joined by 7ynch and McFleezy both also of LSP. These four really keep it going. They bring tons of blood, guts, death, destruction, mayhem, gorehops and awesome beats to go with it all. A special treat was in store for LSP fans. Dark Half, LSP’s Wisconsin brothers had come home for a visit. They rocked a song with their Colorado brothers before departing the stage to prepare for their set. There was a brief intermission and Dark Half took the stage. The crowd went wild holding their lighters up swaying back and forth as they played Dead and Dying.

The crowd bounced and moshed through most Dark Half’s set. The songs they didn't they swayed with the beat taking in the words. Red lights washed over Insane D and B-nasty making them look completely crazed while singing songs such as Rape. They ended their set with Scum, Cyco, 7ynch, McFleezy, and Drastik joining them on the stage for their last song. The stage was brimming with LSP and the crowd loved every minute of it! Chop Shop was on stage for a brief set. Chop, chop, chop. Not every night you get to see an ax wielding rapper on the stage.

Cousin Cleetus took the stage. With his first song he had the audience bouncing off the walls. His contagious energy filled The Roxy along with his amazing voice. The mosh pit was chaos as Cousin Cleetus belted out songs such as The Preacher, Brand New Day, and Six Feet Under. We also got to hear a track off his new solo album Gonna Be, a compelling song about staying true to yourself. This was truly his time to stand up and shine. At the end of his set he asked the audience, “Are you ready for Boondox?” The crowd roared in response. “I don’t think you are!” he said as he burst into a rendition of Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name Of. The crowd went crazy everyone was on their feet middle fingers in the air singing along.

The moment of truth had finally come. Boondox took the stage. The crowd screamed and jumped up and down. This was the moment they had all been waiting for. Boondox and Cousin Cleetus rocked the night with such songs as Sippin, Country Life, and Seven. The audience laughed and bounced around to the fun and funky song Freak Bitch. Towards the end of his set Boondox took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd gathered in the mosh pit one lucky fan went home with a prize. During his last song Boondox shook hands with several of the people in front of the stage making the crowd go even crazier. They finished the song and thanked the audience. Chants of Family rang out through The Roxy as they exited the stage.

As the people began to file out of The Roxy I overheard a few of the concert goers talking. “That was amazing,” one girl said to her friend. “I know! This is the best concert I've ever been to,” she replied as they floated to the door on cloud nine. I was able to take to Luni Spade after the show he said, “I made the stage my bitch that night in front of tons of Juggalo Fam!” The Underground Resurrection Tour was definitely one of the top concerts of 2012. With a wide variety of talents, styles, and voices it was truly a night to remember.


All photos by Heather Worcester