There is a non-profit project, aimed at free sharing for the community. That is what we will do, and will do for our own passion. The creation of lots of great and valuable content will take a lot of time and effort.

But we’re not alone, we have a community behind us. Content sharing should not be too focused on how much money it will monetize, and should not be commercialized. But behind that story is how many people would consider your own content sharing this moment.

If you are passionate about making money online from your website. Then please register to join Google Adsense try to see? Since there are currently more than 2 million people have joined the Adsense network around the world, and millions of advertisers have had to compete with each other, to only be displayed on your website with empty ad spaces. best fit.

Of course, you will get a lot of money from making money online at home like that, but the content on your website must really match the fastidious advertisers. Do you know how difficult it is? If it’s easy then why are so many people doing it so long ago, but they fail constantly and still fail.

Revenue from making money from Adsense is how much?

You may know that more than 2 million people join the Google Adsense system. Just with more than 50,000 monthly pageviews, that could be the number of content downloads on the pages of your website and the total number of visitors visiting your website each month.

But, Google certainly does not guarantee that you will make a lot of money with your expectations. The actual revenue share depends on many different factors but can give an estimate based on each content category and region you choose to write, and help you optimize your fish economy. your multiplication then…

Annual sales are estimated below. This is what you can track and estimate to see, is how much money you can make if you can reach the strict requirements of successful advertisers.

Or whether you reach the right location of the user, or exploit the user’s device, the ad sizes will be spread across the continent at the most appropriate time, and from there You will get extremely high-quality long-lasting ads.

The region of countries in Asia and the Pacific

Real estate $9,114
People and Society $5,322
Online communities $4,428
Business and Industry $6,558
Travel $6,474
Internet and Telecommunications $7,128
Science $4,926
Law and Government $5,820
Shopping $6,642
Computers and Electronics $5,430
Arts and Entertainment $4,338
Home and Garden $12,588
Books and Literature $2,418
Beauty and Bodybuilding $10,158
Hobby and Free time $6,456
Health $10,980
Pets and Animals $7,680
Sport $5,724
Food and Beverage $6,762
News $3,432
Game $4,410
Finance $12,708
References $6,228
Employment and Education $5,922
Cars and Vehicles $6,540

Europe, Middle East and Africa region

Real estate $4,248
People and Society $3,156
Online communities $3,696
Business and Industry $5,514
Travel $5,526
Internet and Telecommunications $5,982
Science $2,898
Law and Government $4,098
Shopping $4,296
Computers and Electronics $3,966
Arts and Entertainment $3,066
Home and Garden $7,014
Books and Literature $2,136
Beauty and Bodybuilding $4,266
Hobby and Free time $3,456
Health $4,770
Pets and Animals $3,570
Sport $2,448
Food and Beverage $3,420
News $2,124
Game $2,310
Finance $10,734
References $3,342
Employment and Education $4,494
Cars and Vehicles $3780

North America region

Real estate $13,446
People and Society $6,054
Online communities $5,058
Business and Industry $10,986
Travel $9,210
Internet and Telecommunications $8,172
Science $5,082
Law and Government $8,226
Shopping $7,938
Computers and Electronics $4,530
Arts and Entertainment $3,744
Home and Garden $13,026
Books and Literature $3,462
Beauty and Bodybuilding $6,042
Hobby and Free time $6,756
Health $10,506
Pets and Animals $7,452
Sport $3,888
Food and Beverage $5,010
News $4,272
Game $2,694
Finance $18,720
References $5,430
Employment and Education $8,226
Cars and Vehicles $7,464

South America region

Real estate $2,850
People and Society $2,172
Online communities $3,396
Business and Industry $4,626
Travel $3,954
Internet and Telecommunications $5,682
Science $2,106
Law and Government $2,736
Shopping $3,036
Computers and Electronics $2,592
Arts and Entertainment $1,662
Home and Garden $4,026
Books and Literature $1,224
Beauty and Bodybuilding $1,926
Hobby and Free time $2,184
Health $3,138
Pets and Animals $2,502
Sport $1,488
Food and Beverage $2,598
News $1,002
Game $1,602
Finance $11,502
References $2,202
Employment and Education $6,276
Cars and Vehicles $2,352

The figures above, which will give an overview of estimated annual revenue, you can make money from Google Adsense on your website right now. But these are only estimates and only for reference, and if you see the numbers above enough to attract you.

Then you dare to play a big game with your fate like Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam has been playing or not? Who in the world does not try with his future plans? I’ve also failed a lot, there’s nothing to lose anymore.

What are the benefits of joining Google Adsense?

You must be wondering one thing, is why Tam Pacific stores so many articles on its website. That leaves only the main page about this issue, right? Because I lost a lot of faith in life, I lost my close friends, and I no longer believe in what I’m seeing right now.

This does not make much difference to you. But for Tam, it is an honor of a Marketing and SEO Master like me. If you can’t sell something that brings in revenue, you will be a loser.

Therefore, in addition to I have to focus on learning, and researching technology, as well as finding out what users are most interested in on my website. All of that, in general, is desirable to reach and exploit to find the highest paying advertisers in the market.

And invite them to your website to bid high for the ad space that you are empty on the website. Is community service like that? Set personal goals higher than the ones of the community? I was wrong. Because I’m too selfish to myself, selfish towards relatives and friends who have expected me so much.

I opened this website just to serve the sharing work. But it seems that I have gone against that moral code. High-quality ads are showing on this website, also sometimes won’t be screened for inappropriate audiences.

For that reason, even if I make more money when people visit the website or read the best articles. Then the core value of the matter is that I am selling my conscience cheaply to all the community brothers.

I’m honestly sorry guys and everyone. I was coin Hypnosis losing my human nature. A thousand times would like to apologize to everyone who has supported the TamPacific website in the past time.

The story can only be partially correct if I have complete control over the content on this website. But when there are too many advertisers participating in advertising space on the website. I am too enamored with the value of virtual reality brings.

Money earned too much, will make me corrupt the capital living my life, and since then sometimes I don’t like to spend much, later on, Just give that money to charity or buy more things to give to disadvantaged children. Because I know, number the salary that I earn every month is nowhere compared to other life in society.

This is even more detrimental if you just want to do a good job or a meaningful job for society, but you just have to publicize. what I do. For me, not? There is also no need to show off much.

I just work silently and quietly, as long as the work I do create a sense of spreading from the real world to the real world, not from a virtual world to the real world, which you are currently in this article.

Do with all your joy and bring happiness and laughter to everyone as simply as possible. Life is a game and a game that is not meant to be played is going to be played.

Google Adsense Success Stories?

On this earth, there are millions of people making money from Google Adsense successfully. But behind that story, it’s not something for you to ponder about whether you did right or wrong. It is stories that go from heart to heart and spread many of the deepest human values.

Each aesthetic feeling will be pushed to a climax, with the things that Google Adsense’s money-for-money brings to other great jobs in this society. So who has succeeded with Adsense for the community?

Meet people who do more than what they love, and get inspired by people who are using AdSense to make money for fun. their passion.

Educación Inicial: in Argentina, a preschool teacher created a website that collects her school projects, and as a result, this website has connected more than five million teachers and parents. regularly. So how did the teacher do that?

Meet AdSense Publishers: Watch the sea lions. When I was pregnant and had to lie in bed for many months, my husband installed a computer for me and I started to enter all the activities, ideas that had been built up over the years as a teacher.

Are you ready? Hold hands! Educación Inicial is a website for preschool teachers. Let’s cross the road! AdSense allows us to monetize our projects. AdSense processing helps us with everything related to advertising. More than 5 million parents on teachers are currently interacting on this site.

We save time by using AdSense and spend that time traveling and with our boys. Remember when you were very young. Did you create this website? I did not expect this website to change my life because it made us money.

All possible thanks to AdSense. We are very pleased about what has actually been this self-growth. Before, I didn’t know how useful the Internet was until I realized we were helping teachers around the world. We want to change the world. And through children, you can change the world.

P/S: A preschool teacher created a site to collect her school projects and surprisingly connected to over five million teachers and parents. Using AdSense, she continues to inspire children all over the world.

– wikiHow: Since 2005, I have visited here often to learn many interesting things on this earth. Therefore, only with the first 2 people, they have succeeded with great things after that.

Meet AdSense Publishers: If you have the ability to learn how to do anything, think about how much more you can do, how many more things to get done, how many more ideas you can get. That is a very powerful motivator.

My name is Jack Herrick and I am the founder and CEO of wikiHow. My name is Elizabeth Douglas. I am the President and CEO at wikiHow. WikiHow is a tutorial website.

On this site, we show people around the world how to do anything. Pretty much anything you can imagine and want to learn how to do, you can all learn how to do them on wikiHow. How to date a girlfriend to go out for the first time, how to teach a dog to find beer, how to stop a wedding.

It spread. When you start a company, it can be difficult to have a sales model. We used AdSense from the very beginning when the company was only two people. AdSense gives us the income we need, while also helping users get information to get their work done.

We’re still using AdSense for now. And now we are able to develop wikiHow from 2 employees to 24 employees. About 95% of our revenue comes from AdSense. All you have to do is put a small piece of code on your website and it will start working immediately.

We do not have full-time staff to manage advertising at our company. We really depend on AdSense to run our business. I wake up in the morning and go happily to work. That’s because we can help so many people. Ideas can go and guide a billion people about something that really matters. That has a strong impact.

P/S: “All you need to do is drop the little code into your website and immediately it starts working”. See how WikiHow used AdSense to run and grow their business. If you’re considering placing ads on your site, discover how AdSense can help you put your content to work.

– The Japan Times: is one of the oldest English newspapers, that Mr. Tam Pacific often reads and learns about the daily news. I also know more other information, thanks to part of the revenue earned from Google Adsense that the new newspaper continues to provide paper newspapers to other readers living across their country.

Meet the AdSense Publishers: Edan Corkill I am a senior with the print press. When I was growing up in Sydney, my mother ran her own local newspaper. I remember very well when I was a 4 or 5-year-old kid and was taken to the printer.

My name is Edan Corkill. I am the executive director of “The Japan Times”. My name is Sekido and I work in the advertising management department of The Japan Times.

Edan Corkill: There is a decrease in the number of print readers, so there is a need for a solid, reliable product on the internet that can generate revenue. The Japanese Times always attracts highly educated people. It’s the demographic that has great potential for advertising. A service like AdSense, where ads are created targeting our readers, is the very powerful tool we need to have.

Sekido: Google AdSense provides many advertisements from trusted companies, so we can reduce the labor burden responsible for evaluating advertising. As The Japan Times began to focus more of its efforts on digital, AdSense is the partner we are indispensable for.

Edan Corkill: If you think about it, then you know, Japan’s emergence in the world is really a little bit unusual. All events that happened in Japan over the past 117 years, we have information about all of these events in English. And that mission continues today.

P/S: Japan’s oldest English newspaper has been printing news daily for over a century. It continues to offer paper readership with the help of revenue earned with AdSense.

– Navi Series: is one of the online directories in Japan, just like in Vietnam, we have the Telephone Directory or Vietnam Yellow Pages books used to look up local business information. , the same is true in Japan.

Navi Series also promotes their own image and builds a community for locals living in Japan by themselves. If you have the opportunity to travel to Japan, Mr. Tam Pacific will probably find this address.

Meet AdSense Publishers: Navi Tokyo. The bottom line is that everyone lives in the same community. If someone wants to improve the community, the community will improve. When the community improves, the society will be improved accordingly.

If everyone thinks so, then I think the world will be a better place. My name is Kenji Shinjo. I currently run a local directory site. We call it the “Navi” series.

The main reason why I created this website is to support small and medium-sized businesses. Basically, we call it the regional information website. AdSense revenue makes up between 85% and 90% of our total revenue. AdSense displays ads that are personally relevant, so we don’t have to worry about anything and can focus on creating content.

Right now we have about 3 million users per month. I was really surprised. Our first goal is to consider what the company can do for society. So when everyone works better, the world will become a better place.

P/S: This online directory in Japan helps local businesses promote themselves, and, in turn, helps build the community. With AdSense, Kenji Shinjo can focus on content so businesses continue to thrive.

– Papilles & Pupilles: is a girl currently living in France, and has a very free life, with her main job of blogging about food. Although before that, she is currently working in the financial sector and has a fairly stable salary. But because of her passion and love to cook, she always shares her recipes everywhere in the world.

Meet the AdSense Publishers: You know, I’ve always been thinking about food. Well, in France, food is a religion. My name is Anne. I am a food blogger. My blog name is Papilles et Pupilles. I was in the right place at the right time.

Previously, I worked in finance. After that, I started to cook by myself. And then, I started my food blog, because I had a lot to share. I love to share recipes and execution techniques. I started using AdSense because, first of all, AdSense is easy to use.

AdSense helped me focus on the content of the blog, not the ads. An – hard to read and difficult to pronounce. Advertising thanks to AdSense, I am currently working full time for my blog. That is great for me. Cooking is important because everyone has to eat. Do you know? You can’t do anything without eating.

P/S: A French food blogger quit her job in finance to do what she really loves: share recipes with the world. AdSense helps her focus on creating content for her site while traveling to connect with other foodies.

– Build Eazy: is a successful man in building a website for free, to teach people around the world how to make objects. He chose to retire and spent all of his working time in his passionate work for hours at woodwork, from which he earned extra money from Google Adsense every month. stabilization period.

Meet the AdSense Publishers: I was probably about 50 years old when I first encountered my first computer. Everything I do, I do it myself. My name is Les Kenny, I live in Auckland, New Zealand. Chicken coops, dog cribs, potted plants, … I do everything and explain to everyone how to make them.

BuildEazy was the first website I created. At first, I only used AdSense for fun. From the first month, I started earning 40 dollars per month. The following month, it was up to $ 700. And income continues to grow higher. Every morning, we wake up and see our AdSense reports. I started to try moving the ad to different locations. Everything went crazy.

In one position, my income nearly tripled overnight. Yes, with AdSense, everything is done for you. Money automatically enters your bank. It couldn’t be easier. Life has changed completely, so now I can pursue my old hobby.

Thanks to AdSense, I spend more time with my children. It gives me freedom. You can hardly find a better solution.

P/S: Les Kenny built a website to show people how to build things. With AdSense, he retired to make woodworking his full-time job.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam asked you a little! After meeting our AdSense publishers, and what have you seen after stories like these. Everyone has a reason to join this form of money. Its main purpose is to post information, solve problems and publish it publicly. The idea of ​​sharing information with billions of people about something really counts.

This is absolutely possible. I am passionate about food. I have a lot of information I want to share. AdSense made it easy for me to put ads on my money-making food blog and focus on content creation. You just need to put a small piece of code on your website and the code will work immediately.

Very easy! Right now, I spend all my time blogging and AdSense is great for me. I never thought the web changed my life. Because this site makes me money. AdSense has helped me share good things with others. AdSense also gives me the freedom to do what I want to do. Nothing is more wonderful.

Featured stories from Google Adsense

So, have you seen a lot more interesting now? So what are you waiting for, without testing one of the articles from Google Adsense to share with us, and somewhere else that, will definitely help you a lot more interesting in your current life…

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