About Us

Hello there. We are one of the active members in the movement to bring literature to the community. This could be those who are passionate about researching and exploring Vietnamese and world literature.

With the relentless efforts of a large family of young writers, revolutionary veteran writers, and highly skilled and experienced editors.

We have successfully deployed many information technology projects in various literary fields, bringing high efficiency to those who participate in literary and art research.

The policy of the JuggaloNews website construction team is to always uphold the patriotic spirit, national pride, live responsibly with their professional conscience, train and build long-term relationships with writers around the world and Vietnam.

In the great national unity bloc, art culture is an indispensable field in society. In which, pen holders are entitled to express their voices, writing styles according to their words, which can help each of us awaken patriotism, and deep national pride.

However, each person’s reading culture is different. It is still difficult for me to answer the question: How can we help people recognize beauty and semantics? How to help people see the implied meanings open on those dry letters of those documents? That is still a difficult question, not easy to answer right now!

If we spend time reading books and researching documents, we not only enjoy but also show patriotism, helping the country develop in the 4.0 technology era.

We are not afraid of any enemy because our fear has been subdued and disappeared right in each strong voice, mixed with a bit of personality and a bit of humor, helping us face risks and overcome worries most easily.

Let’s stop taking many issues in life seriously, don’t let yourself be offended by little things that come to you, but be tolerant and forgiving, learn to smile to make life less miserable. Perhaps this will be one of the important things for relationships to become better, and careers will be more successful in the future.

Especially for young generations, future successors of our country. We should pay attention to propaganda work, and educate patriotism, innovate and diversify content on media.

Therefore, to express traditional quintessential values ​​and love for homeland and ancestors, love for race. We, the editorial board of JuggaloNews.com always work hard, dedicate good articles.

We always arouse optimism and the power of patriotism to all Vietnamese people and an inseparable overseas Vietnamese community of the Vietnamese nation in the world.

Thank you very much for following and supporting our website. Once again, thank you very much to all authors who have supported sharing very good and valuable documents to each current reader. Wish you good health and achieve good results in your studies, career development.

The Management Board