Aura Effect

The Commission can become an expert in enrichment, who can not be a self-proclaimed specialist?

I noticed there are two “groups” emerging and earning incredibly fast on the net: it is teaching enrichment and counseling and psychological health accompanied by selling products. The enrichment thinking classes cost about 1-2 million per day, with hundreds of attendees. The psychology courses are fewer participants but cost around tens of millions for 2-3 days. Enrichment is an attractive subject so buyers are not afraid to spend a few hundred, several million for the tips. Recently, the “Rose” training books are sold for 800 thousand. Video Advertising about the coaching book attracts thousands of people who like and share.

Coaching is a network phenomenon from the years 2015. Initially, he regained the fan page of a famous streamer game (live video game player). Then, this fan page started to attract people by giving the phone SIM. Next, the master posts funny videos about the game. However, the attraction of the videos does not come from the possibility of trading-what he is selling, which comes from challenging the social norms of the person.

But more harmful than enrichment, issues such as mental health, reproductive health, nutrition, and care of the elderly, children are also sold with a full range of advice, a brand of pharmacy. My acquaintance flew from Hanoi into Saigon to be a psychologist who demonstrates how to keep her husband for 5 million VND.

That woman is the mother of my pupil. I told you, my parents ‘ marriage had a big glitch. For some time, I have a message, confused that after expert advice is not effective, she feels upset, tormented herself, risks falling into the psychological crisis. I have a closer look at how the parenting process has sought support. You tell me, my mother met with a specialist in Saigon and received the advice: “I have to be beautiful, and my husband will come back.”

“Experts” also sell my mother a package of chamomile tea to drink, like the auxiliary to improve physical and mental health. The result is that after a few months of drinking belly chamomile tea, yoga, revamped beauty, my family still does not improve. Her mother began to feel desperate and thought she was ugly, old, and then accountable and tormented herself, regarded herself as the cause of the marriage failure.

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I don’t know what the psychology expert said. Of course, “Caring for yourself” is rewarding, easy-to-hear advice because it delivers a simple solution and contains great hope. However, complex marriage problems cannot be simplified by protecting people in their care and “he will return”. I asked you about the other expert origins. I was in the classroom, I searched the net and found her to be a very famous expert, “There are 500 thousand likes”, tens of thousands of followers.

Recently, I saw the psychologists, health, self-made doctors appear more and more, first on the net, then practice in real life. They began to name the health problems of customers only by healing through the network, by phone, calling Open class, and claiming to heal. Students pay and sit and listen to the lectures for crowded groups.

A floating character like other tincture is Dr. Psychology self-taught with emotional classes, captivating art for women. This person advertises a Ph.D. graduate at a high-reputation university in the United States. Few people know this school standardizing by the production and buying and selling, has been put into the list of degree schools not valued by the Student Support Committee of the State of Oregon, USA. I was startled to hear this Ph.D. speech issues that needed deep expertise such as bipolar disorder. “It only appears at the age of 60, 70 or more”, or that is “the disease of artificial life”. When he was invited to appear on television, he said that it was quite unjust as “(bipolar disorder) re-go back many times, 85% of that person will be committed suicide”, or “hug the weeping teddy bear is depressed”. Psychiatry specialists will be startled.

Aura Effect

Psychology explores a law of phenomenon that helps us explain the trend above, called the “aura effect”. It means that a bright spot will make the point around brighter. The phenomenon was first explored experimented by the practice of Edward L. Thorndike. Thorndike asked the officers to evaluate the quality of the officers lower in terms of aspects such as leadership, physical, intellectual, loyalty, and independence. The result shows that the officer who has good physical characteristics will be rated smarter and better. People we are easy to rely on with a prominent feature, both good and bad, are often physical traits, of someone who then form our positive or negative attitude toward the person.

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Similarly, when we evaluate a person’s perspective, though, we are prone to their reputation for a blowout. Maybe initially, when new, their point of view is only noticeable, but yet has strength. After having a number of people “like” and “sharing”, there are others who follow because they think “well, it’s true that people love it.” If the person has a certain or famous position on a particular strength, their statements are more likely to be accepted by the crowd, although sometimes it may be wrong or far from the real value. In the illusion created by likes, fans rushed shares, there will be patients looking for the wrong charlatans, ordinary people who are diagnosed with depression, and continue to hire debt to sell the secret of enrichment.

The era of the aura effect on the network has driven many people from the true value of knowledge. Reputable professionals take a lot of years of research, study, undergo intense examinations before becoming the person who can advise or give advice. Doctors must learn a dozen years to be able to check for patients that are limited to their specialization. Meanwhile, there are “experts” who just say “Dr.”, “Doctor” before the name, go online “plowing like” and then quickly famous, strong oral speech on the issues affecting public health and to collect money who are confused to find solutions for their own life. Once, I asked questions for some students, why do you believe in that specialist, many of you responded similarly: “because he had some million fans.”

If you go online to find a solution to a problem, please learn carefully the resources before purchasing the service. No matter how many millions of fans and likes they have, we still have to verify information across multiple channels and legal regulations to not look for the wrong solution.

Secondly, I wonder whether the law infrastructure now has regulations on online sales, marketing, advertising, promotion of services, but why do the authorities have more scrutiny? Who will observe the level checks as well as the level and activities of the people claiming to be experts, are selling rampant advice and products despite the health and community life?

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Aura Effect
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