Aussie flu MAPPED: You’re most at risk of deadly infection if you live here

Aussie flu symptoms include fevers, headaches, sore throats and vomiting.

While the symptoms are similar to normal flu, they are more severe and tend to last longer, experts have warned.

Eighty-five people have died from flu since the beginning of October, Public Health England (PHE) has revealed.

The number of cases is expected to continue rising, it warned.

A map showing flu hotspots across the UK revealed the number of infections has risen over the past two weeks.

The interactive map – by online influenza surveillance system Flusurvey – reveals the areas worst hit by the virus.

The heat map shows a gradient from no reported influenza-like illness (blue), to very high reports of influenza-like illness (red).

As of Wednesday morning, the North-East of England was the most affected area.

Other locations across the UK that are in the red include:

• Cornwall and West Devon,

• Aberdeen, Scotland

• Dundee, Scotland

• Leeds, England

• Ipswich, England

• Derby, England

• Cardiff Wales

Llandrindod Wells, Wales, was the least affected area. Blackburn, Walsall and North London were also in the blue.

But, There are significantly more red zones than reported on Friday January 5.

The map is updated every three minutes online.

Aussie flu symptoms also include difficulty sleeping, diarrhoea, a chesty cough, and fatigue.

Signs of the condition can last more than two weeks, experts have claimed.

If you become infected with the virus, it wasn’t advised to visit your GP, as you could spread the virus further.

The best thing to do is to stay at home, rest, keep warm, and drink plenty of fluids. Painkillers could also help to reduce symptoms, according to the NHS.


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