The author is the person who has the right to share their information documents at the same time, or use it for various purposes on all mass media.

In addition, authors also do not have commercial rights when working under contract, when they are hired to do a certain work.

A literary author is one of the people who create a literary art work, including books, musicals, poems, plays, articles,… In addition, the author can use their real name, or pen name recorded in the name of the work.

The author is one of the people who have the direct right to create a literary art work, or a part in a story of a work. The author can also be the owner of the copyright content, but must be an individual and cannot be an organization.

Therefore, we honor the writers below. Those who have been for the reader community, for the community of literature and art lovers, literature lovers and book lovers. Send thousands of gratitude to the writers who have passed away, and respect to the writers who are still performing their duties, bringing truth, bringing literature everywhere.

Thank you!