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  • Unforeseen consequences of home abortions

    Many young people, wanting to hide their situation and feeling embarrassed about going to the hospital, have chosen to perform abortions at home, causing many dangerous complications for their health and lives.

  • Eliminate junk SIM cards prevent scam messages and calls

    The Ministry of Information and Communications is conducting a wide-ranging inspection to vigorously address the issue of updating accurate mobile subscriber information.

  • Be careful when buying project land

    Although the real estate market is quiet, this does not mean that the sale of land plots is less bustling.

  • Strict enforcement of smoking in public places

    The incident where 10 students from Yen Phu Primary School (in Yen Dinh district, Thanh Hoa province) were burned and had to be hospitalized immediately at the opening ceremony due to a balloon explosion has shocked the public.

  • Releasing life must be wise and in accordance with the Dharma

    On full moon days, wild birds are sold in front of temples everywhere to serve the custom of releasing life. This issue is causing controversy in public opinion about hunting wild birds, destroying the environment.

  • Gambling only leads to unpredictable consequences

    In the world of gambling addicts, everyone agrees that: “Once you get into gambling, it’s very difficult to quit, if not impossible.

  • Alarm over electric worm fishing

    An orange farmer in Thu Phong commune, Cao Phong district (Hoa Binh province) reported that electric worm fishing is prevalent in the area, leaving orange farmers in dire straits facing the risk of total loss after investing billions of dong.

  • Be cautious with customer appreciation invitations

    Recently, the act of customer appreciation has been abused and misused. Many customer appreciation conferences are actually land sale projects or vacation voucher sales.