Bowel cancer diet: Avoid THESE four common foods to ward off deadly symptoms

Cancer that begins in the large bowel is known as bowel cancer.

According to the NHS, it is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK.

The majority of people diagnosed – roughly 110 people every day – are over the age of 60.

Symptoms include persistent blood in the stools, a persistent change in bowel habits and persistent tummy pain.

Along with increasing age, being overweight and smoking, a poor diet can increase your risk of developing bowel cancer.

Indeed, according to Beating Bowel Cancer, experts believe it is a major contributing factor.

Here are seven foods to avoid as much as possible.

Red meat

There is strong scientific evidence of a link between bowel cancer and red meat, such as beef and pork.

Beating Bowel Cancer suggests people eat less than 500g (cooked weight) a week.

White bread

Swapping white bread and pasta for whole grain alternatives could reduce your risk of bowel cancer significantly.

There is evidence that a low intake of dietary fibre from foods such as whole grain bread, pasta and oats can lower your likelihood of suffering.

Processed meat

Like red meat, studies of an association between bowel cancer and processed meat are also very strong.

Beating Bowel Cancer recommends avoiding meats like bacon, ham and salami as much as possible.

Ready meals 

Processed foods and ready meals often contain saturated any hydrogenated fats and sugar, according to Beating Bowel Cancer.

They suggest consuming healthier essential oils fats that are found in nuts and seeds, vegetable oil, olive oil and coconut oil, and oily fish. 

Beating Bowel Cancer suggest eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, starchy foods, lean protein and dairy foods.

They also suggest drinking lots of water and avoiding too much tea, coffee and alcohol which can dehydrate you.


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