Calm alive

Where I have rural sisters out in Hanoi practicing scrap collection. “Do you have a good income?” I asked a sister. She said, the poor house that the children had learned, she was hard at the flood so that you could get into college.

I still often call them for little things to use but also sell money. Further questions, the sister said from the poor countryside in Nam to, the land is recovered as an industry. The sisters have gone to work together, gathering into the “rubble” group to make a living and protecting each other. A sister also said that, actually, in the country but the land is now income from farming is not enough to spend. Looking at you, I guess it’s about four to fifty years old, still brown-winged pants, sure to fit the job. Their face was a sad one but it remained optimistic when he expressed “wanting not to let children be left behind.”

I heard you tell me, I suddenly saw my heart. I know many officials, traders are sent to school, are chosen overseas school. Children born in a society now have quite a lot of so many different stars. I asked, did anyone tell her that she was in relief because it was influenced by Covid-19? -“No!”, she replied to the province of Queo as too familiar with her body. I looked at you, and I breathed.

In March, I was given a group of social organizations named Mnet (Action for migrant workers) with the support of the International Development Organization OXFAM invited to participate in the advocacy of policies and assist workers in the epidemic. At first, the officers of some of the package enforcement agencies of the 62 trillion VND were not interested in this audience. The Mnet team explained and convinced them. After several deliberations on proposals to bring more liberal labor groups to the contract entitled Relief Package, the Prime Minister approved the decision No. 15/2020.

The story from the rules on paper to the fact the above case is both a long journey. The state officials also asked the migrant labor group to have permanent residence, then the withdrawal is required to have temporary residence KT3. To have KT3 is not that easy. Most of them only need to find the cheapest place to overnight and then daytime must eat the flood.

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At a difficult time in the epidemic, we persuade, ignore every administrative requirement that aims at human goal, if we need to ask a street rep, they all know where these people’s accommodation is. I wrote my comments very clearly.

For the relief package of VND 62 trillion, according to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, by the end of May 6, the localities have completed approval of support for 15.8 million people with 20 trillion VND with the 5th group of subjects including public, poor households, poor households, and social protection subjects. Said to be “complete”, but there is also some information about negative goals in some localities such as people are convinced that the printed application volunteered to not receive support, or rather fake houses still recognized “poor access”, while the poor are not.

Calm alive

The 5 labor groups are affected by the remaining COVID, the hardest of which is still the 4th group of freelance workers who are not under contract as much as the “crush” purchased sister near my home. According to the preliminary survey of several social organizations, the total number of free workers now constitute up to 18 million people. Those are poor urban farmers, no land or insufficient living right out of the city of feeding, they do enough trades, including lottery tickets, sales of algae, collecting scraps, running car hugs, doing rental by day…

On 25/7 just now I am in can Tho, heard the publication of Covid-19 416 in Da Nang, but did not find the source, I have the spirit of war with our disease will be in a very complex and long-lasting stage. Almost 100 days of tranquility were broken down by the infectious CA unknown etiology and many deaths. I felt that nCoV returned to Vietnam as more aggressive, more insidious, like transformation, and silent waiting for the time. Many international reports detect nCoV may survive a few days off the environment. The World Health Organization warned of “the new phase of the epidemic” with many unusual variables. Virus infection can now have no clinical manifestations, the virus does not only attack the elderly but more toward the youth, including children.

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“Anti-epidemic, that slogan may not be enough, because anti-epidemic is harder to resist. Resist the need for courage, anti-epidemic need to transcendently wisdom and hearts for everyone. With Vietnam, we still have to find a way to live together safely and long with the virus. The goal is to not let the economy go down, minimum must help be business and people exist. The general Statistics Department said the first 6 months had 29,200 business suspended business, including 19,600 pending the dissolving procedure, 7,400 was dissolving. About 95% of small, medium enterprises, super Small business services are hard to stand. Many friends I do business are also charcoal hard to do meals and hardly even access to the credit package incentives. I guess the number on far has increased much.

The World Health Organization believes that the epidemic can last about two years. If you want it or not, the virus has been doing the whole world. The opponents are chiseled water to overwhelm others, the wars of globalization also “variant” more thorny…

But I believe, whether with Vietnam or any other country, choose to approach the problem with the spirit of honest humanities, with top-notch intelligence and responsibility to the new community to create a sustainable foundation. Having a good foundation, we can be calm together through the tribulation.

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Calm alive
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