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Contact Us

We operate in silence, bringing the words and the heart of writing to readers around the world. This may cause misunderstanding for you when you first come to us. But…

With the contribution of veteran members, and revolutionary veterans, as well as famous writers of a time, currently living in Vietnam and countries around the world, have joined hands to bring meaning wrapped in words to readers. In which:

The leadership team of the website, currently comes from countries around the world. Including: Vietnam, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, Iceland, Portugal, Austria, and the United States.

We operate independently and each person has their own mission and responsibility in each specialized department on the website.

We are not like anonymous people but we have appeared a lot in most offline sessions, coffee sessions, and literature book launches around the world and in Vietnam.

Our presence seems silent and quiet. But behind it is a long story that only the leadership members of the website understand the human story behind it.

Connect and build, work silently, participate in continuous surveys and receive from measurement indicators. We seem to have succeeded in contributing a part of our efforts to the reading career of young generations around the world.

Therefore, spread the message and bring silent happiness to everyone. No need to show off, but work seriously, and don’t let time pass boringly, without value.

Thank you to readers who have followed and supported us during the past time. Once again, we acknowledge your affection with thousands of years later.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected].