Content Policy

Content Policy

Content privacy policy is one of the standard computer security solutions introduced on the current online community. The purpose is to identify safe content on the website, and the website browser downloads content for readers.

This ensures that website users know which scripts, styles, images, frames we specify can be downloaded, and requests not on the security list will be immediately blocked.

Author’s Principle has developed a handbook for writers to ensure articles are presented consistently and uniformly. All content from writers, editors and copiers must comply with the Writer’s Guide and is not certified until their work reflects a thorough understanding of it.

Open Source

We are grateful to all developers of Vietnamese Wikipedia and other open source software that we are using in this project. We have made some customizations and additions to these packages and we are contributing them back to the community.

The first such effort is our work on a new search tool that has been used on this website. Please see the Search extension for more details.


After launching to the public in October 2010, we are receiving more and more general internet traffic. The statistics pages display cumulative statistics from our inception. Please see our version page for general details about our setup.