Don’t lose smiles

I’ve been going to Vietnam once, “to see it.” Go across the country once, visit them all, that’s enough. The oil never returns again, in the heart still.

That’s how I told myself for a long time, many times. I am an unintended person to go out of Vietnam and not be. The day goes by or about not preparing. But, one has the number. When the incense is left, the incense rule is quy.

For the first time, when the thoughts “about Vietnam” come, I still tell myself “when I get back to where I started, I know I can’t find anything.” Then my husband agreed, you grew up, there was a warm family, there was no time. My husband died, and the intention was not to be bigger. Because I had my husband before, there was nothing I could do about him. For many years, I also considered myself a sideline of the time.

Then the singer Quang Thanh came, I went to work in the Society of America and Vietnam. It was actually four years ago that I had people borrow my singing to raise funds. My previous husband said that older people do not go singing anymore, going to do social work. Then I went with Quang Thanh. To the social center, church, temple, with the poor, the single anchor, children are less fortunate, I see more comfort. Those same afflictions give me happiness. Oh, my hands, my head is awake. That said it seems a little bit, it seems that the misfortune of others is lucky for me, but it’s true. In those places, you find yourself lucky. It is true that when I think they are miserable, their suffering is the care they suffer, but I dare not speak, just the thought. I think if I have a relative in what I’m going to be. Now, I have no pride in that, only to see comfort and peace.

So there’s someone for books, for cakes, for Rice, and who’s going to go together. I have a singing voice. It shows me the last Days of my life to be enough, and there are also lovers. Since his age is hard to stand on stage and hardly standing near people, sometimes people are hardly standing close to themselves. But fortunately, many people still love themselves.

Perhaps anyone who feels poor, hungry, cold, lonely, abandoned new and earnestly with that job, and those full of too much when they just think that’s the number of each person, heaven for nobody enjoys so no obligation to share with anyone. They also don’t do anything evil. But I still wish in the desire that young people would later add kindness. I have more than happy money but more loving people will be loved. I just eat enough, it’s not rich. The day I died that day was out of money. But I’m sure one thing: my heart is small but still accommodating, shared with many people. I can hear, look, accept the unfortunate scene, leave it in my heart.

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I was orphaned early, and accepted that, living alone in the life of singing, taking her husband alone and now old and still alone. It’s a big loss. I can’t say this bigger than the other, it’s hard to say today I’m more than yesterday. Little joy is fun, I cry no matter how tears are crying in the heart, can not be said. If you are miserable, you know. If you’ve ever lost the feeling of those who don’t. Lost a relative, a country, a road, a row of trees, a river. If you ever lose it, people just share the pain.

Don't lose smiles

Recall on 29/4/1975, the day I accidentally drifted away from Saigon is the day to go to work relief work. The twinship is our group to prepare noodles, clothes, rice to help the children lose their homes in Ba Ria, Long hai. I’m just going to avoid artillery because there’s a gun with the dead. When they were under the crowd, pulled up the Miller to the Philippines, with whom I still had only a small bag inside with love letters, his lover’s image, and his two episodes, Trinh does son Cho-“like wings of Flying” and “Golden Skin”. That bag, where I’m carrying the man, while there’s no penny.

I cried out loud, crying for the American nationality, and I thought I’d never get back to Vietnam. Half a round of the earth so I do. From the day 26/4/1975, he painted to my home in Dong Khoi. The two of you sitting together the clock saying nothing, sit on the way. People still travel, more crowded than usual but there are no signs of chaos to show themselves a great life-changing history. I said, “Do you go?” because that’s why many people are away from Saigon. ” Can I go tomorrow? “-” Maybe I don’t go. ” So, until 1997, I was new to Saigon, singing with Mr. Son to the NHK filming without saying what is much. In 2014, I was first sung on the official stage in Vietnam for the domestic audience. The third time about Saigon, I played with Mr. Son a month, when I got back to America, he died.

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Many when the audience loves me, it’s for me beautiful words. But I’m afraid it’s all-natural to say “queen”. Where is the Queen? I’m afraid to call “Queen” with a lot of. There are things to be ashamed of.

A singing life. Through a forest, on a bridge, stopping at a street corner, sitting down and drinking a cup of coffee in a bistro, even looking at the trees and bushes on the sidelines, my heart would be too far away. There is a time when the emperor of Hoang Trang, though as in a dream, thought about a face, a pose of love, low-end the street, thought as just hand out the fingers of familiar, skinny pens that touched your hands. But then I cried out to cry because, in my hands, only the cold hands of myself and the corner of the street were only a single round. When sitting alone, the heart is empty and the head is empty. I can’t think of anything. It seems that the earth is clean, nothing.

The first time I migrated from Hanoi to Saigon as a 10-year-old girl, I remembered most of the rain that fell on the roof of the house in Phan Thanh. And until more than 70 years old, more than a year ago, I was again heard the young and the first time when standing in a chapel in Saigon. Who has been experiencing many of the inverse, bitter, and false, will understand why I have many… Other people. Know how things are no longer seen, no more touching, although only a few seconds ago. Only memories are unpopular. If there’s something that can’t be changed in life, it’s a celebration. Things, people, beautiful yes, bad, have left us. The youth have abandoned us. The color of the eye. The blue color of the hair. Pink of lips. Abandoned us. Cold, cruel, and wild.

All of the things that happened, were over. All the faces were far from blind. All that is called happiness or the pain of a certain time, we are no longer seen, found again. I call it a celebration. I don’t have a past, as people often mention. I just had memories and that’s all I’m wearing until one day.

But after all, I remember someone who had visited Da Lat city, and looked and listened to me singing a song, and then quietly left in my heart a comforting, unforgotten warm. He commanded: “Never lose Your smile. It will open you to the good door to life”.

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Don’t lose smiles
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