How is the salary of history graduates when the admission score is high?

How is the salary of history graduates when the admission score is high?

The field of history is certainly no stranger to students and parents. This is a field that honors the history of Vietnam as well as human history.

The field of history is now included in universities to train graduates with enough qualifications and experience to serve historical research. The field of History (LSH) is a field that provides in-depth training in the field of history. This is a field that studies human history, including the history of Vietnam and the world. By studying this field, students will be provided with comprehensive knowledge about Vietnamese History, research methods needed in life and work.

At the same time, they are also equipped with other knowledge to serve future work such as foreign languages, informatics, communication skills, presentation, management,… Not only learning from books, students also practice through actual trips to have a more objective view of the country’s history.

What is the admission score for this field?

Surely this is an issue that many parents and candidates care about. This field is quite popular and many schools participate in training from North to South. Each school will have many suitable admission scores to consider admission to the industry.

In 2023, the admission score for the field of history ranges from 15 to 28.42 points for the method of considering National High School Exam scores. The field of History Pedagogy has a high admission score and leads at most teacher training schools.

Among teacher training schools, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 has the highest admission score for History Pedagogy in the country, up to 28.58. This score surpasses the Language Pedagogy with 27.47 points. Similarly, at Hanoi Pedagogical University, History Pedagogy took 28.42 points, leading in all fields of the school.

Schools such as Thai Nguyen University – Teacher Education, Vinh University, Hue University, Da Nang University also have History Pedagogy taking the highest score into school, from 27.58 – 28 points, meaning that candidates must achieve an average of over 9 points/subject to have a chance to pass. This score is more than 2 points higher than last year at some schools.

Why does History have a high admission score?

The reduction in enrollment quota for History Pedagogy leading to high competition is considered the reason why History Pedagogy in recent years has had one of the highest admission scores at teacher training schools.

For example, at Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 was assigned 919 quotas, down more than 1,700 quotas compared to what the school announced. In which, History Pedagogy was cut by more than half, only recruiting 20 quotas left. Or at Hanoi National University of Education – Dalat University, the quota for History Pedagogy is also 20 – the lowest among all fields.

What subjects do you need to be good at to study history?

First of all, students must be good at History. This subject requires a good memory, a firm grasp of timelines and historical events. Being good at History is an advantage that helps you complete the training program of the field better. Along with memorizing history, you also need to have good research thinking. Studying history is not just about memorizing, but also knowing how to research, survey, and analyze.

What qualities do students in this field need?

– Always strive to explore, cultivate knowledge, improve professional level.
– Have the necessary qualities and skills in the field of History.
– Have the ability to think, analyze, synthesize issues quickly.
– Love exploring, passionate about analyzing human history.
– Rich, systematic knowledge of history.
– Must have memory, quick memorization ability, good health.
– Patience, diligence, hard work.
– What are the job opportunities for the field of history?

After graduation, students have firmly grasped in-depth knowledge about the LSH field and other skills such as writing, presenting, criticizing, thinking, managing,… Along with that are experiences filtered from actual research sessions. Therefore, after graduation, students can apply for the following job positions:

Researcher at national research institutes and centers. Teaching history at universities, colleges, vocational schools, high schools, junior high schools across the country. Working as a manager at related agencies about the history field from central to local levels. Compilation at press agencies, book publishing,… Tour guide

What is the salary for the field of history?

The salary will depend on your job position. If you work at state agencies then you will enjoy a salary according to regulations. As for job positions at private organizations then income will depend on your capacity, experience as well as your job position.

In addition, when working at individual organizations, you can also get extra salary if you do well or depending on the company’s revenue. Thus, this field not only gives you a stable job position but also gives you rich benefits.

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