Fat melon red-faced onion, the tree stated, the green Rice cannon. Every year, only two simple sentences have envisioned the tet of our Vietnamese people. But, long ago, the gunfire exploded on the first day of the year.

Pictures of the baby ear, smiling face standing watching the guns of the competition, the sky is never seen in many last Tet. By then, on Aug. 8, 1994, the State of Vietnam decided to prohibit the production and burning artillery during the Tet holiday.

So, the famous artillery people in Vietnam are the Binh da village outside the north and the new neighbor in the south to wash their swords. In today’s professional sentence, Phuong Anh invites you to find out 10 years have passed. These people now live out, and they have a desire for hybrids.

Firecrackers Village

Dear listeners, learn about the people of Binh da Village, Thanh Dread District, Ha Tay Province, a famous time for artillery, with domestic news for hay, most living on beef trade, supplying 40% for Pho restaurants in Hanoi.

But, it’s the horse meat, not beef. Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, a native of Binh Da said: Meanwhile, the new village, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, who did the previous artillery live now? Dear listeners, 10 years ago, every time you close, the new neighbor who lives in the bulging fear of not years has no artillery accident and leads to death.

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However, because of the easy artillery work that has a high income, only a few months to eat all year, so although there are many dangers like that, this profession still has the attraction. On the other hand, because it is a hereditary father, from a long life, it is difficult to turn to another profession.

Turning the Sword of life

After the prohibition of the state, the last 10 years, professional cannons in the new neighbor who have found enough way to work, who turned to the shell of bicycles, cars Honda, the traffic, and a profession quite especially the sale of dog meat, a kind of food that has long become the food that is not only for men but also become popular menus In the partying. Let’s hear Mr. Tran Van Mai, 20 years of artillery work, and also a family transfer father, who now lives by selling dog meat at the new neighbor, go VAP Center:

Fake Firecrackers

Dear listeners, one of the ways to have gunfire in the early days is to buy a cassette tape, which has explosive gunfire. That’s a perfect tet. After buying the cassettes, when you want to hear the detonators just one of the ampli, pop up, that is to hear the cannon explode, the explosion is not lost to the actual cannon, other than the smell of the cannon.

It’s convenient. Mr. Nguyen Duc Trung, a former dedicated to selling these firecrackers on Tet Holiday said comments: Gentlemen, according to the rules of Vietnam, Tet is to have explosive cannon. During the Tet holidays, the House must have had the least half-size of the gun, to burn on the night of 30 or a morning. Not only so, but many of the owners also believed: at the beginning of the year, when the guns broke loud, the ears, that year, they would eat.

If the gun is in Bulgarian, the owner will be bad luck all year. Not knowing it right, but since the government ordered the burning of the cannon, no one would mention it. On Tet, the lack of gunfire is missing something. We don’t know how we ever get back to the fire of the New Year. Stories each week please stop here. Please come and see you again the next time.

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