Flu jab 2017: Get the CHEAPEST vaccine in THIS supermarket – Boots is charging double!

The flu jab is on everyone’s lips after chairman of NHS England Sir Malcolm Grant said he fears hospitals will be “inundated” with cases this winter. 

Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England, has urged the 21 million people eligible for free vaccinations to take up the jabs. It comes at a time when people fear in-coming Aussie flu symptoms.  

This is why the NHS are worried about the flu jab’s effectiveness – doctors have stressed how important it is for people to continue with the vaccine regardless of the news. 

If you’re not eligible for a free injection before the winter months, it can be bought privately across the country. 

Asda is currently where the cheapest vaccination is available, costing customers just £5. 

Where can you get the flu jab? 

Asda – £5

As mentioned, the flu jab is available at all Asda’s pharmacy services across the country for just £5. 

The supermarket has 255 stores nationwide and it’s a walk-in service – no need to book. 

This is officially the cheapest option outside the NHS. 

Boots – £12.99

Boots offer the free NHS flu jab in most pharmacies in England and Wales.

But if you’re not eligible for the free NHS flu jab, a private Winter Flu Jab Service is available in most Boots pharmacies across the UK. 

The chain is offering protection against four strains of flu – an additional strain compared to last year.

But it will set you back a whopping £12.99. 

Lloyds Pharmacy – £10 

Lloyds Pharmacy has over 1500 stores across the UK, and claims to dispense over 150 million prescriptions a year. 

This year the company has flu vaccinations for only £10 between September and February. 

To book a jab simply visit the website to request an appointment. 

One of Lloyds’ in-store pharmacists will call to confirm your booking and, if suitable, you will then receive your vaccination. 

Superdrug – £9.99

Superdrug also offers NHS flu vaccinations free for at risk groups.

Privately, the vaccine will cost you £9.99 as part of their walk-in service at stores with a pharmacy.

On their website, it reads: “Simply walk in or call your local Superdrug pharmacy or nurse store. Our pharmacist or nurse may be able to give you your flu vaccination there and then. 

“If not, we will book you in at a time most convenient for you.”

Tesco – £8

Tesco is now offering a flu jab service until 31 March 2018.

It’s vaccination service costs £8 and you can drop in at any time. 

If you’re worried about Aussie flu – this is how to tell the difference in signs and symptoms. 

Are you eligible for a free flu jab? 

Certain groups of adults are eligible for a free flu vaccination. 

The injected flu vaccine is offered free of charge on the NHS to anyone with a serious long-term health condition, including:  

  •     chronic (long-term) respiratory diseases, such as asthma (which requires an inhaled or tablet steroid treatment, or has led to hospital admission in the past), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema or bronchitis 
  •     chronic heart disease, such as heart failure 
  •     chronic kidney disease 
  •     chronic liver disease, such as hepatitis 
  •     chronic neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease or multiple sclerosis (MS) 
  •     diabetes
  •     problems with your spleen – for example, sickle cell disease or if you have had your spleen removed 
  •     a weakened immune system as the result of conditions such as HIV and AIDS, or medication such as steroid tablets or chemotherapy
  •     being seriously overweight (BMI of 40 or above)

The flu vaccine is free on the NHS for:

  •     children over the age of six months with a long-term health condition
  •     children aged two and three on 31 August 2017 – that is, born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2015
  •     children in reception class and school years one, two,  three and four

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