“I like someone who isn’t afraid to make goofy faces with me and laugh until they tear up.” The biggest misconception about the world of horrorcore music is that there’s a lack of hot women supporting it.

Juggalo News will be profiling some of the sexiest Jugalettes and horrorcore fans throughout the world once a month. This month we bring you K10 of Reno, NV. This 24-year-old beauty has been seen in print magazines, catalogs, music videos, and more. We talked to her about her turn-ons and turn-offs.

Name: Kristen Elise better known as K10.
Age: 24
City: Reno, NV

How did you get into the wicked shit?

I got into the music through friends of mine who were Lo’s and Letters. They showed me the music and gave me insight to Insane Clown Posse’s Joker Cards albums and I was hooked.

What is it about the horrorcore that draws you in?

The fans and Family drawing together in unity to support and represent yourselves and your beliefs while enjoying some wicked tunes… I’ve also always been a fan of horror flicks when listening to some of these songs classified as horrorcore it’s a little like watching a horror movie in your head. It’s interesting to see what individuals are thinking up. It’s almost better than hitting up the theater sometimes.

What are some of your favorite bands?

I love the wicked shit! I listen to a lot of music by Tech N9ne, Twiztid, ICP, Mars, and Kung Fu Vampire and local Juggalo family artists doing their thing in their garage and homemade soundproof rooms. I really just like anyone who runs with the Hatchet. I’m down to bump their tunes.

So I know you do some modeling what are some of the biggest things you’ve done modeling for?

I’ve done some things here and there. I’ve been in Snap Matter Magazine, including the swimsuit edition, and the Snap Matter 2012 Calendar. I’ve appeared in The Vicious Bettys Magazine Pin Up Lingerie and Lace Edition. I helped provide hair and make up and held a cameo for the music video iCount by artist and long time friend Kung Fu Vampire from Mad Insanity Records. I did some shots with Lanny Headrick of Barking Wheels Photography to send to the boys at Creature Skateboards who are a part of the Santa Cruz Skateboards empire. Big ups to Lanny and Bill Wheels Skateboards for letting me have the decks after the shoots.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve ever been to?

I would have to say all of the Kung Fu Vampire shows. I love hanging out with my girl Sadya over in the merch booth and seeing all my fam together and painting up over a dozen Lo’s and Letters for a bunch of shows is one of my favorite past times. “I like a guy who knows how to treat a lady.”

What type of guys are you into?

I’m a huge goofball and sweetheart. I definitely like the same. I think I like someone who isn’t afraid to make goofy faces with me and laugh until they tear up. I like a guy who knows how to treat a lady. I’m a real romantic at times. Someone I can listen to the same songs with. I tend to go for open-minded individuals with strong beliefs that stand their ground about it and stick up for others being picked on.

What are your biggest turn-offs?

Mean people. Guys with lack of manners, bullies, guys that are selfish, or who have a lack of humor and are too serious all the time, liars, thieves, pushy people, depressed or self-loathing guys, or guys who lack confidence.

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