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Whaddup, ‘Los and ‘Letters? This is your pal J-Webb coming at cha with the Hatchet Herald all the wicked news that’s fit to print…and a lot that’s unfit but who gives a fuck?

First and foremost … HAPPY 4th of JULY WEEKEND! To celebrate the day America officially told the British to go fuck themselves, we’re holding a big ass sale at Hatchet Gear, starting tonight at midnight (July 2) and running through midnight on July 4! All single disc CDs will be on sale for $6.99 and all apparel will be 20% off! So be sure and hit that up over the holiday weekend when you’re done shooting off fireworks.

Now let’s jump into the Faygo-splattered world of my friends and yours…the Insane Clown Posse. So right now, our favorite wicked clowns are currently tearing up Canada for the first time in something like 13 years! It’s been both crazy and awesome at the same time. Canadian Juggalos are a force to be reckoned with—they get to live as fuck and know how to throw a Juggalo party. For real! Besides the incredibly warm welcome from our Canadian fam, the Canadian music press has been practically stepping on each other to get interviews with ICP (as ICP’s press don’t, believe me when I say I’m only slightly exaggerating here).

But the result has been fucking awesome! ICP was interviewed by the biggest radio station in Canada the CBC for Q Radio, which is considered perhaps THE best radio music talk show on the fucking continent! Click on this link to listen to that shit it’s phat as fuck.

ICP was also interviewed by the SiriusXM show The Eric Alper Show on the Canada Talks station. That will air tomorrow on SiriusXM but we already have the hookup for you ninjas who don’t have SiriusXM. A link to the interview will post tomorrow July 2

In other media-related news, ICP and the Juggalo family, in particular, are the subjects of a bomb-ass new book by the writer ninja Steve Miller called “Juggalo: Insane Clown Posse And the World They Created.” This book is the VERY FIRST book ever written that takes a serious and fair look at Juggalos and our unique place in history. Steve, who is a GREAT fucking writer and has written lots of other books, including the book “Detroit Rock City,” which has a great chapter on ICP, worked on this book for three years, following our ongoing lawsuit against the FBI over the stale gang label, and interviewing Juggalos by the hundreds all over America. Steve’s book comes out everywhere on July 12 and can be preordered at Amazon.

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Also, the book’s publisher has put together this dope ass promo that allows you to read the first several pages of the book. Click on it and peep the flavor. In other Psychopathic news, tickets for Hallowicked 2016 are on sale now at Hatchet Gear and at TicketWeb! This year’s annual October tradition will take place at Harpo’s on the East Side of Detroit Murderous, which is where we held our SOLD-THE-FUCK-OUT Ringmaster Show this past February on Juggalo Day! I know a lot of you are holding onto your cheddar to save up for Gathering 17 spending money, but if you’re not able to go to GOTJ17, you got no excuse, ninja get those Hallowicked tix now!

And speaking of the Gathering, I don’t need to tell you how fresh and historic Gathering 17 is going to be. Let me just tell you the other important info that concerns those attending. First of all, WE ARE SOLD THE FUCK OUT OF RV PASSES!! They’re gone like Kevin Federline’s career. This Gathering is going to fucking PACKED but we’ll have plenty of room for everyone – as long as we don’t sell anymore RV passes. Sorry for those that got the bone but we sold as many as we could.

By the way, the ticket line at the gate of Legend Valley will NOT BE AS CRAZY OR AS STALE AS LAST YEAR! Jumpsteady, the genius that he is, came up with a dope solution that will ensure the lines move relatively fast. One thing we’re doing to move things along is that THERE IS NO WILL CALL THIS YEAR. Please note: ON JULY 10, WE STOP SELLING GATHERING TICKETS AND PASSES AT JUGGALOGATHERING.COM! This means unless you buy your tickets between now and July 10, YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO BUY THEM AT THE GATE! Last year’s big bottleneck in the Gathering line was looking up all the Will Call orders. It took fucking forever and was just pointless after a while. So fuck it we’re getting rid of it! If you don’t order your ticket online, then buy it at the gate. Simple.

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What else? I know I’m forgetting something…Oh yes! Don’t forget that we have a bunch of dope new merch that will be making its debut at GOTJ17, including:

– The expanded and updated audiobook of “Behind the Paint,” read by Violent J himself and produced by Young Wicked!

– Big Hoodoo’s wicked-as-fuck new album “Asylum,” which you’ll be able to get before its national release date on July 22.

– The fresh new deck-building card game “Into the EchoSide,” designed by Jumpsteady and Louis Simpson, featuring exclusive art by the legendary artist TOM WOOD!

So much flavor, so little time. And speaking of little time, I gotta jet for now ’cause I gotta work on some other shit before I can get outta here for the night. Have a great and SAFE 4th of July, fam, and as always….mad clown love to each and every one of you from all of us at Hatchet Headquarters.

Peace + Stay Wicked, J-Webb

By Hazin
Jul 03, 2016

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