I would like to introduce to our Vietnamese people, as a people to go behind, to walk slowly on all roads, a very useful new science. In the past, a vast majority of people have given in to the fierce mystical status. The science I’m going to introduce isn’t something the doctors, or the philosophers, or the Westside have just studied, but something that used to be from the ancients, and evolution to the extreme. That science is HYPNOSIS.

For two words Hypnosis. Two words Hypnosis means for getting people to sleep. But judging by the contemplation, the four subjects of this science are hypnotism proprement dit, magnetism human, and suggestion mentale.

It is not the methods used to make people sleep, but to make people’s consciences sound, no longer have the power to think, judge, examine, and put their work under control. In short, it is to overpower their souls, to subconscience or to lower consciousness, to be free to act, to make the machine for themselves to twist. Like that, isn’t it about getting people to sleep? Two words Hypnosis used incorrectly. We should change it to Magic.

Nevertheless, in this embryonic session, Hypnosis again stepped into a country still, the anisotropies are still devoted under The Theology, still dreaming of the doctrine of perishing, not many thousand years left, do not understand what science is? Like our country, it takes the title of Mesmerizing Art, so that from the stupid, horrible people that are unfathoticated and criticized. I can’t help but avoid the horrible words, which hinder the learning and evolution of Hypnosis. So let’s just let the usual title be Hypnosis.

What is the History of Hypnosis?

Hypnosis arises from the ancients, the title being Exotic Art. The Buddhist disciples in India, benefiting from their religion’s expansion to the 19th, the rulers of Chaldee, used to make their majesty higher, the so-called medical gods in Egypt used to livelihood chewing through the day of the month. They keep heredity, extreme exchange, into trying the science that evolves to the upper point, until the training period is the absolute capacity, to dominate the spirit, the body of the person at the same time.

At times, they used only one word, one way of looking, were able to immediately save a serious patient, and picked up a tormented depraved soul. Still know they’re selfish to take advantage of that, but that elaborate thought is not small. There are many famous scientists today, who think they use a form of energy, which is not currently studied. In fact, it is clear that they used the sciences in the dark old civilization, which Western history once acknowledged as the great work of Hierophant’s actively in the Religious Drama, Eleusis.

The Hypnosis period must be depraved

Alas! The insanity, the life of the virtual, the hypnosis of the dough, suddenly the sinkhole, a little bit destroyed clouds. King Theodore, Roman corruption was not the same, wanting to maintain his own happiness, commanding the burning of Alexandria bookstores, capturing all students and killing, to try philosophy books, science books of the ancients, in a minute according to the fire that peppered ghosts. The precious science doesn’t escape, it’s partly lost.

Qin Shi Huang of Taixi is not the same hand. Obnoxious in place of selfishness. From the royal universe to the pre-era needle, the selfish hearts do not change, the motto remains one by one, gradually doing what is embarrassing, how evil karma is for them, but benefiting them, then they callously do it immediately, no longer know what humanity is.

In the meantime, many people avoided but did not dare to freely take the exam of their own school as before. On the one side, keep secrets, on the one side vow to strive to the end, to preserve the secretive bass. Therefore, it was not until the Middle Ages that the Secret Society as a result. Also because of keeping secrets and not spreading, so the times wear and tear, add negligent actions of the following, causing everyone to panic, new to the other in the position of cruel, formidable, too natural and do not dare to touch the name or cry out.

The period of the Birth of The Electric Man

While there are many scientists because of curiosity, they should use the mind to study, sometimes erotically a pair of light rays in the vault of decency. The initial steps of truth and theory had to be ceded to Mesmer. He studied the theory of magnetism animals or the way the three animals operate.

That theory is the mainstay of the research of famous people like Poisegur, Deleuze, Potet, LaFontaine from 1803 to 1892, trained the correct methods of Magnetic Me Human either to heal, or to control, or to broadcast a psychoso psychologist, called Somnambulisme, which China is translated as Somnambulisme Magnetique.

The era of Hypnosis was born

In 1841, a doctor named Braid used a different method than The Human Power method, which can also cause many conditions such as the above. This doctor uses only something bright, a glass, or a pair of eyes, to get people to look at it, the last time the forces nerve uses dispersed, causing him to fall asleep. This sleep is identical to that of Human Electrolycry, but Braid is named Hypnose.

At that time, it was only then that a second laboratory was built. Hypnotists, because of their conscience, use only a bright object, which can make existing states, so they are born of envy, new extreme opposition, chains, that the Human Power only fascinates the science of gender. Therefore, the conflict was born very vehemently. Hypnosis was very welcoming. In the world, there are no hospitals that do not study, used to treat neurological diseases. Especially in Paris, Salpetriere Hospital uses Hypnosis as the ultimate subject.

The Period of No matter what art was born

While the two denominations are together, a third syn suddenly emerges, making everyone surprised and satisfied. This third syn, originally created by Faria and Henin, after considering the human power experiment. These two theories, completely defeating the theory of gas materials, argue that the state of contemporary expression is because of the system, the language of the experimenter, the sense of the imagination of the experimenter that appeared.

Because of that reasoning, dr. Liebault who receded this third subject, used eloquently determined language, firm commands, direct eyes, the sense of reasoning to imagine people, making it known to all states. The effect of this method is perfect. His title is Lead Learning.

This subject takes psychology as a column, according to the psychology of each person that changes: time and plan. Successfully, no one avoided its absolute influence. Often medical doctors, or using appropriate language, bring the psychoner venuses of patients to the sick body to cure, is also the motto of this subject.

The Dark City Period was born

Professor Richet often contemplates our thoughts, having absolute power, but going poisonously is not enough to force people to be quick. By 1873, the new professor had the same thoughts as the head, the future, experimented, overpowered a person, the effect was of course good. At that time, newly transmitted, exams for the public to see, everyone was very welcome.

So formed a fourth group, named Ha Thi. Scientists simultaneously researched the survey, in turn, explored the principle but until now there is also a piece of monkey that has not solved all.

Hypnosis with advanced people

Thirty years ago, the branch of Hypnosis has become more and more progressive, three times on the same side of the globe, in the world is nowhere to be seen. As a result, part of the myth or anomalies is explained very well. Perhaps mankind will be able to escape the round of virtual superstitions by hypnosis. Advanced people welcome Hypnosis.

Necessarily put together envy, hate jealousy, destroy the partisan limits of contention, bring the four subjects of reconciliation together to form a unified science, called Hypnosis. , promulgating and establishing the International Hypnosis Society. The enthusiasm of those kinds of people is enough to eat the value of Hypnosis.

For the science of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been how many people sacrificed property, destiny, honor, to study, take out the illusion, illusion, or. Hypnosis has shaken the globe, increasing the current value of gender science, Hypnosis has added to humanity a useful dark intellectual science. Isn’t hypnosis a very precious thing for mankind?

Isn’t that a good friend for a slow-walking man like us? In this situation, the benefits of Hypnosis are pronounced in front of us, the exchange of virtue, spiritual build-up. Hypnosis is also an important document, do we ignore it? If Hypnosis is only to make a sense of selfishness, the successor for him to be eager, or to spillage the curiosity of strangers, the pastime for the verse, of course, the forgotten drink must also.

But no! Hypnosis is the divine doctor, the famous moralist, who appeared in this world to help the sick, excited the poor, making us know what goodness should be, what badness should be left, so that the personality is absolutely perfect.

In the competition of this era, we want to live of course to be the name of the army striving, wanting to be happy of course to be the builder himself, the opportunity to collect important documents, how to hypnotize to bring me those documents, I left? In this session, we do not have to look forward to the deadline, heaven, and earth, want to live on their own and live, want happiness to find ourselves, no one with us to wait, we do not lament with anyone, take the determination, courage to work for life, hope for survival, desire for happiness. These essential virtues must be. How for yes? Please let Hypnosis answer for you.

The writer only knows to worry: The duty of the person who wants to survive, race against the god of money, increase the knowledge of mankind, necessarily need to learn to take Hypnosis. What are the benefits of the latter? Please let Hypnotist answer for help. Keep in contact with Hypnosis, but post-Hypnosis gives directions to Success.

How can hypnosis help you?

I’m collecting documents, writing this document, the purpose is not like someone else’s conspiracy to profit, nor just to give you near and far a sad prize, nor to try to create a fertile literary breakthrough. My intention is to just want to give a very useful scientific thing recently, first to let you spend some ample time studying and experimenting, then expecting to take your fortune and do many useful things for people’s society.

This is not a document to be used for sadness, but an experimental scientific document, so the core is clear and true. The way to describe ways to fascinate people, or to cure the bad nature of children, or to foster their psychology, or to prevent both common illnesses, or to rush in the path of life is easy, is natural, not elaborate and not thoughtful, how to write only that.

Every day, I see a large part of you, like to learn Hypnosis, but just socks of troublesome materials, compulsory many difficult ways, the effect is long shaken, so or depressed to remove, so I work hard to study the quintessential methods, and the ease of this scientific literature, compiled into the national sound to devote to the studious brothers and sisters in this first step.

The ways I write in this document, if you readers follow, and need to be, in a month must have become a good Hypnotist. According to my contemplation while studying, wanting to learn Hypnosis does not need to change immediately all personalities, or follow a program too strict, but only one virtue is patience. In addition to the virtue of patience, three more are essential for achievement.

– Infinite confidence in this science.

– Faith is certain of the achievements of the work we undertake.

– Be adept at concentration de la pensee and be cautious about what we want.

Studying Hypnosis is not strange, nor just for anyone to learn, as long as you are an old man, young, boy, girl, famous doctor or you unconsciously dramatize yourself, the worker or the laborer, just be patient to have confidence, be elaborate, learn all. In that school, it is unlikely that the elderly are more than children, the doctor has over him unconsciously himself, the laborer is more than the laborer.

Learn! Learn! Let’s just learn! Our people will be separated from that circle of superstitions, probably not thanks to this hypnotic science. Please think again carefully, before reading the in-depth sections below.

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