Nikki jumper shares new single Apocalypse Love

Today, Toronto, ON singer, songwriter, and sonic insurgent Nikki Jumper unveils her new single Apocalypse Love”.

Teetering on the brink between rock and pop, she delivers an instantly catchy end-of-the-world anthem punctuated by hypnotic delivery, a danceable groove, and a hard-hitting hook, “Let’s blow this shit up tonight.” The song was co-written alongside Francesco Yates and features production from Phil Gornell [Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low]. Be on the lookout for the premiere of a cinematic music video to accompany it very soon.

About the song, she comments, “We were talking about what was going on in the world and how the apocalypse could happen because everything is so crazy. Around the same time, my best friend survived a terrorist attack where there was someone shooting at the patios of a family neighborhood in Toronto. She called me screaming and crying while it happened. My brother was in Brussels during the city’s terrorist attacks. He avoided the bombs by hours in the locations he was at. I had this feeling in my gut he needed to come home. Thankfully, he made it out. Francesco and I always say, ‘If the apocalypse happens, you’re the one I want to spend it with.’ Ultimately, ‘Apocalypse Love’ is about finding love and magic within yourself, a lover, or friends, when the whole world is falling apart. Finding that love and magic makes everything a little better.”

“Apocalypse Love” heralds the arrival of Nikki’s independent debut EP coming very soon. The project manifests her pure and personal vision through and through from the music to the artwork, videos, and presentation. Stay tuned for its release later this year. Fall in “Apocalypse Love” with Nikki Jumper now.

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ABOUT NIKKI JUMPER: Upending the rules of pop and rock, Nikki Jumper channels ecstatic aural hysteria from the ebbs and flows of a world forever in flux. The Toronto-born singer and songwriter rise up as a sonic insurgent— like a fashion-forward and future-facing answer to Tank Girl with a touch of personal magic. Nikki’s independent debut EP transmits a revolutionary clarion call, stirring tremors across multiple wavelengths all at once under the banner of her patented “Apocalyptic Pop.”

By Mankini
May 01, 2020

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Nikki jumper shares new single Apocalypse Love

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