Outlaw Moonshine, a firsthand experience

Weighing in at 99 proof, 49.5% alcohol by volume, distilled 3 times in a traditional copper pot, using purified water, and made from the Moonshine Bandits’ personal recipe… it’s Outlaw Moonshine! When I heard about this, I wasted no time…

I was thinking about writing up this review before and after drinking the moonshine to make the article feel more authentic, you know, but shit… a few hours into drinking this bottle of hooch, I was out. I woke up the next day with a hangover to end all hangovers. Fair warning… this beverage is not for the faint of heart or for those with weak livers.

Outlaw Moonshine is smooth as hell. It tastes smooth, but it burns your throat like fire. I guess that’s why they call it firewater. It’s strong. It also tastes good. It has a unique taste, but much like what you would expect from traditional moonshine. Liquorama.com describes it as…

“Clear, smooth, and mellow. Medium-bodied earthy aromas of soft white wheat, nuts, and pepper. Rounded edges of a rich silky smooth medium-bodied finish with a slight cinnamon taste”.

So the taste is good, but how drunk does it get you… At first, I wasn’t feeling it. I kept taking swigs from the bottle. The whole time I was wondering if this stuff was going to creep up on me later. Guess what… it did. I took one last gulp and suddenly the entire room started shifting. Instantly I regretted taking that final sip.

I was up a while longer, trying to watch a movie and just soak in my inebriated state, but it wasn’t long before I passed out. I woke up the following day at 5 in the afternoon; feeling like my head was cooked in a microwave. I planned to never touch the stuff again…. but I was kidding myself, of course. I’m a drinker. I was already craving that fine liquor the next day. I couldn’t resist its unique taste and the wonderful drunkenness that it bestows.

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Bottom line… the Moonshine Bandits have outdone themselves when it comes to this bottle. It’s all in their name when it comes to moonshine, they know about it, and they do it well. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t wait… grab yourself a bottle now and experience moonshine, the American outlaw’s favorite drink.

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Outlaw Moonshine, a firsthand experience
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