Philosophy of medicine

I am an educated person. Therefore, one of the topics that interest me is the philosophy of education. My real reflection and experience show that the philosophy of education is the direction of all educational activities of the school and the education system.

Without the philosophy of education, all educational activities will become disoriented. Teachers, games, schools, the education system will always be in the world of difference and follow the response to the mission.

In short, education is similar to the philosophy of each person’s life. The main philosophy of life is the guiding direction, which is oriented for the organization of life, especially at the right moments to make important decisions, of each individual. A truly mature person must be a person with a clear philosophy of life, like a mature education must also have a proper educational philosophy to lead.

However, although discussed heavily, there are both national and research topics on this subject, but selecting and establishing an educational philosophy that is right for the current education is still an unending story.

On the journey of pondering and establishing his own educational philosophy, I have repeatedly looked to the medical profession, see what the philosophy of education of the medical profession is that physicians, patients, and families, often consistently agreed and act consistently whenever they make big decisions.

Wider, I found the health system to operate relatively stable. It May be difficult in terms of facilities, in terms of physician level, about the application of technology, but basically, the medical sector is not troubled by continual reforms such as the education sector.

Remember, the day I went to college, my father said: to study the medical profession or education for sure, for the time being, society still needs these two professions. In terms of the body, the health and education industry has many similarities as these are the two most important social security sectors, and each has a human-served audience. Physicians and teachers also have many similarities. The physician is comforting and rescuing people. And the teacher is lifting and developing people.

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The physician cannot cure every kind of disease, just as the teacher cannot teach everything, but both are in human refuge when they need the most support. Perhaps it is the reason that society has honored the practitioners and the profession and called them teachers.

However, the medical industry has a greater fortune than the education industry. That is, although it is not a name that is unintelligent and elegant, the medical profession has a firm philosophy to lead, physician, patient and social consensus. That philosophy is briefly explained, and it is easy to understand how anyone can understand and be consistent: The water also slaps!

It is thanks to this “still slap water” philosophy that I have never seen doctors, patients, family patients, or people who are concerned about every decision-making. For them, saving people is of course, despite the loss of the estate, even one thousand rays of hope. Their philosophy, the male directive for their actions is comparable and simple: The water is slapped!

Philosophy of medicine

Therefore, I have said that the philosophy of action of the medicine is actually: the water is still slapped! It is profound, simple, and understandable. I have also been expecting the education industry to have a simple, understandable, and highly agreed-on philosophy so as to guide the action. But that day, watch out for a long time.

The story of my medical philosophy is probably just stopping at such a personal experience, without the outbreak of Covid-19 these days, causing many implications, not just for Vietnam but also for the world.

We ourselves were also heavily influenced by this Covid-19 translation, when the school year before, my children had to take the school to avoid prolonged translation. This school year, everything is still in the unintended. The effect of translating Covid-19 to socio-economic is enormous. There is no need to analyze by figures, tables, and arguments, each of whom also directly feels these influences, in the activity, in the social rhythm of life, and in the family income.

Before such heavy consequences, the health sector and those responsible for combating the epidemic will have to make very difficult and important decisions, in relation to the economic saving or anti-epidemic. Many countries chose the right anti-epidemic solution to save the economy, so the number of people to translate and die skyrocketed. The United States has a strong medical background, which today (22/8/2020) has had nearly 6 million people infected and over 180 thousand people died. Europe was worse when more than 3 million people were infected and over 200 thousand died of Covid-19.

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Vietnam we have a lot more luck when outbreak Covid-19 batch 1 has only 328 cases of infection and no deaths for almost 5 months. But in the second outbreak, in just about two months, the number of infections was three times more than the 1st and 27 dead.

Compared to the world, Vietnam has been controlling the Covid-19 epidemic very well. It is an undeniable fact. The Vietnamese are completely proud of this. However, the socio-economic implications provided by the Covid-19 epidemic have made the economy almost exhausted. The economic growth of the second quarter is almost zero, and will most likely sound in the 3rd quarter if the translation continues to stretch.

Family activities, social life rhythms, and people’s jobs are severely affected. The societal atmosphere is generally gloomy. Before that situation, many comments suggest that, perhaps the need to loosen the disease control to save the economy. A lot of comments have been given. A lot of forecast models have been run. And a lot of scripts have been discussed. But the choice is still confusing.

In this context, it is best to use that simple, profound philosophy of the medical profession that I have said above to guide the action: Saving people is a natural thing. Anti-epidemic is saving people. The water is slapped!

So there’s nothing to be disturbed about, and there’s no more to be shaken. Doctors, the managers are assured that anti-epidemic. Anti-epidemic is saving people. The water is slapped. That’s simple.

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Philosophy of medicine

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