Rap Viet to the rescue Gameshow music?

Four years after Sing My Song, the new audience witnessed a lively music competition on the golden hour of Rap. Does Rap have enough to regain position for the music Gameshow?

The years were brilliant

Exactly a decade ago, in 2010, Vietnam Idol became a specially loved reality TV show on a golden hour. At that time, when Sao Mai met the meeting place showed exhaustion because of the old format, the dramatic battle to find Vietnamese music idols attracted the attention of the majority of the audience.

The final night of Vietnam Idol that year was a competition of two singers “one nine and eleven”: Uyen Linh and Van Mai Huong. In the end, Uyen Linh was the winner, but Van Mai Huong, as runner-up, also had a solid stepping stone to enter the profession.

Two years later, another music contest was on television and even more popular: The Voice of Vietnam. Right from the Hidden Face round, this program has “made a storm” on television because it brings together many talented voices, while the coaching staff is also very aggressive in recruiting “warriors”. After 5 months of broadcasting, the awards night took place in early 2013 called Huong Tram for the winner position.

The favorite music show games In recent years, many music games shows that have been loved on television have gradually decreased ratings, advertising prices, and attractiveness. Also 2 years later, 2014, another program called Familiar Face also took place vividly. The show even set a record for the advertising price equivalent to the World Cup broadcast time frame. That year’s winner belonged to Hoai Lam.

By 2016, the title of the most popular reality show again belonged to Sing My Song – the first contest for contestants who both composed and performed (songwriter/singer). In the first round of competition, each episode was broadcasted causing storms. In the end, the contestant standing on the highest pedestal was Cao Ba Hung, the descendant of the famous poet Cao Ba Quat.

But contrary to the “hot 2 years” rule, from Sing My Song until now, reality TV, the game show about saturated and boring music. Although there is still land regularly on golden hours, many programs gradually reduce ratings, advertising prices, leading to stop production. This situation only partially changed when two rap programs appeared, King of Rap, and especially: Rap Viet. Vietnamese vocals gradually decrease their attraction after many seasons on the air.

Before Rap Viet, how was the music competition exhausted?

Reality TV about music has exploded for a long time, covered the golden hours of weekend TV, and also contributed to the music market with many outstanding talents. But by 2020, the story is different.

Music competitions have been bleak on television for more than half a year. Programs that have been held regularly such as Vietnamese Singing, Child Vietnamese Singing, Familiar Face, Child familiar face … have not shown signs of starting.

While other names such as Vietnam Idol, Vietnam Idol Kids, Sing My Song, Vietnamese Band, Perfect Couple, Great War Star, The Debut … have stopped production, there is no plan to return. This situation is not difficult to explain because most reality TV shows that focus on the pop music genre have cooled down, reduced ratings, and especially reduced advertising prices. Child Vietnamese vocals or Familiar faces are typical examples.

According to the data on the VTV quotation, the advertising price for the latest season of the Young Vietnamese Singing that took place in 2019 is 180 million VND for a 30-second TVC during the program broadcast. This price decreases by 20 million VND / 30 seconds compared to 2018 and decreases to 120 million VND / 30 seconds from the peak of 2016 (300 million VND / 30 seconds).

The familiar face also fell sharply. The most recent season in 2019 has an advertising price of 200 million VND for 30 seconds TVC. But in June 2014, the advertising price during the broadcast of The Familiar Face used to reach 370 million VND / 30 seconds, in the time frame from 9 pm to 23 pm Saturday. Thus, after only 5 years, the advertising price of a familiar face dropped to the bottom, when it decreased to 170 million / 30 seconds.

In the old format, the talent contestants are increasingly scarce, making many reality TV shows from very popular to “dying” on the air, no longer earning “gold” (money) on the golden hour. Game show bolero saturated, fading on the waves of golden hours.

Game show bolero saturation after the boom

In fact, when the mass music competitions gradually decreased in popularity, there was a period when the Bolero game show took the throne. This period is in the 2016-2018 period. At that time, the competitions and programs of bolero covered many waves.

In which, the most overwhelming belonged to Radio – Television of Vinh Long with Solo with Bolero, Love Bolero, Love Bolero, Drama with Bolero, Charming Bolero … This list does not even include programs that are not taken. name Bolero but still use this music line as the main content material.

On the VTV3 channel of Vietnam Television, Bolero is also popular with a number of programs such as Bolero Idol, Perfect Couple – Bolero Love. In it, the Perfect Couple used to be a format for pop music but also switched to Bolero in the context of this music taking the throne.

In general, Bolero game shows are difficult to spread or cause storms like pop music programs (Vietnam Idol, Vietnamese Singing, Sing My Song). However, on Vinh Long radio, the ratings of bolero programs were at a high level, ranging from 6.5-8.0%, according to the radio station.

But after a boom time, the game show bolero also fell into saturation from 2019 to now. This year, very few bolero shows are still on the air. Excluding the programs that only took Bolero as one of the materials, two programs were also carried out, Solo and Bolero ended in March with the championship for Ngoc Phung and Tinh Bolero that just ended at the end of July. with the victory belonged to Quach Ngoc Ngoan.

However, both programs clearly reduced the attractiveness and no longer attracted the attention of the media and public opinion as before. Meanwhile, many other bolero shows have stopped production or have not shown signs of restarting on television. Rap Viet is currently the most noticeable music competition.

Can Rap save reality TV about music?

In the saturation of reality TV shows about music in general, about 2 years ago, game show dating, love, husband and wife, gossip flooded TV waves. Besides, entertaining, comedy or intellectual game shows are also being broadcast.

Music competitions gradually drowned until King of Rap and Rap Viet aired. Although different channels, different formats, but the two contests “opened fire” in early August, played the same golden time frame, shared the same goal of finding rap talent and showed the rise of the underground in the market.

This is also the first time that rap/hip-hop will air on weekend prime time. Before that, rap for a long time was “estranged”, received a lot of discrimination from both professionals, the media, and the majority of the audience.

However, with the focus on exploiting positive topics, reducing the dark and extravagant ones, over time, rap has come closer to the public. Both Rap Viet and King of Rap are a new format show with new faces of judges and contestants. Therefore, both received positive feedback.

In particular, Rap Viet is said to cause storms to practice with the increasingly lively contest of the quartet “holding the weight”. As commented by director Nguyen Quang Dung: “Good show, good music, interesting contestants”.

Currently, the rating of Rap Viet has not been announced. But a source told Zing, the show had high ratings compared to the same program in the same time frame before. In particular, the producer representative also said that the live stream of Rap Viet had record views. Episode 2 is over 500,000 people watching at the same time, while episode 3 is more than 700,000 people, which is very high compared to the common ground.

On the part of King of Rap, although it did not reach the heat like Rap Viet, the show also has a completely different color on the golden hour at the weekend. According to the broadcaster’s listing, the ad price of King of Rap is 180 million VND for a 30-second TVC during the program broadcast. In fact, this is not a high price, even low compared to the new format programs, first broadcast on a golden hour.

However, this price is predicted to increase, proportional to the rating of the show. The early episodes of King of Rap showed a lack of animation about the interaction between the coach and the contestant. The contest also found a group of quality contestants, who are said to be able to make a difference in the next rounds, contributing to the heat of a rare show on golden hour rapping.

Game show bolero fading on golden hour wave? From the group of programs leading the golden hour rating, the series of game shows about Bolero gradually decreased its appeal. Bolero 2020 love that just ended in July has not reached the spread.

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