Read books to do?

New Year 2015, I made a walk from Hanoi to Saigon to appeal to the whole society as a bookcase for children, especially in the countryside. Going to the top of Quang Binh Province, I got a phone call.

The caller said that she was blind, “I heard the news on the radio saying he was walking across Vietnam, which day he walked through Quang Binh, and I met.” I met you. She says life blind around at home and would love to ask a radio to hear the audiobook. I put the story on my profile, then someone gave it the audiobook.

In my travels, I remember my eyes and my prayers, “uncle, I give you the book, I like the book without Money” of grade 6 students in the commune of Hanoi, Thach ha, Ha Tinh. You make me think of 15 million Vietnamese rural children, there must be a lot of children who are hungry for such books.

The trans-Vietnamese journey 1,750 km in 123 my days is actually very short compared to the journey to demolish the hungry book rocks that caused less reading of the Vietnamese people for decades. I hope my walk can help accelerate the “rural books” program as well as other policies that promote the culture of reading of society.

In education, Vietnam has over 90% of the population literate. But, according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, every year the Vietnamese just read less than a book. Mohandas Gandhi said that new literacy is just the beginning of education. I thought, knowing the words to lead the human way to knowledge and personality. I had “cried” much and continued to “cry” until the Vietnamese children were listening and reading as much as American children, Western Europe.

In 1998 and 1999, I worked as a biologist in the library of foreign Languages, Vinh University to study the library. In many thousand of these books, many times I dreamed of knowledge from previous books such as the encyclopedias of A to Z, the “great expectation” of English writer Charles Dickens, the painting booklet of the Italian painter Raphael or the painter Leonardo da Vinci will reach Vietnamese readers. And the invaluable knowledge of mankind will penetrate the brain tens of millions of people hungry books.

Later, I used the concept of “interactive knowledge” to talk about reading or arguing. I always imagine the price that the enormous amount of knowledge in the library turns into specific output products in the life and occupation of my generation students. If we have been preparing the background to read well, the country must have been much different. I believe that books are important in the process of national construction. Reading American history, we see that America is the gathering place of the European civilization, by people who dare to cross the ocean to find new land. Many of them must take the knowledge and spirit of Aristotle, Plato, Archimedes, Pascal, Galileo, or the Knights of epic Beowulf. Next, the descendants of the pioneers brought the value of Europe to the new land that continued to create Great America because they understood the importance and freedom which the knowledge brought.

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Read books to do?

Those in America all know that many American children are “touched” on books from the age of 0, through sound. One year old onwards the children have heard books from their parents, teachers, from liberators of the public library. In elementary school, the children have access to the class library around 200 to 500 books, the school library with many thousand books. I arrived at Albany High School, Albany City, California, 2018, and observed the school library to have 12,000 books in full field. In addition to reading, students of all levels learn through practice such as making objects, especially STEM and STEAM, to be to the science centers to see the products of knowledge and creativity. Thanks to a diverse ecosystem of knowledge, invention, invention, Grand prize… Much of the focus in the United States.

Viet Nam has over 70 million people born and raised in the countryside, with long-term hunger or decades. The problem is that, many of those hungry books, now teachers, managers, who are not sensitive enough to understand how important the book is for children from preschool to high school. They do not seem to find that the nation’s strength comes from creating opportunities to receive knowledge for young children. The educational designers of the past decades have not given the list of books that students should read as many countries have done. During the walking journey from Hanoi to Saigon, I interviewed more than 3,000 people, just over 30 people know about “the high Heart”, 20 people who know about “corner of the courtyard and the heavens” and 20 people who know the novel “Robinson Crusoe”, are all famous works of humanity and Vietnam.

Lack of knowledge from the book is one of the causes that many people cannot teach their descendants properly. Countless children grow up in fear of expressing their opinions, one-dimensional thinking, and poor aspirations; There is even a shameless phenomenon, lying not shy, and often the universal values, such as honest, compassionate, creative, and pursuing mediocre things.

I also think that the wisdom of talented national administrators has a section coming from the book as if looking at the culture of reading of the peoples of Israel and many other peoples. They had profound knowledge, wide-open minds to find new ones, the national future format. Knowledgeable citizens are self-enlightened, understand their rights and responsibilities to the community.

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If the book is an important source of knowledge of the country, “knowledge forests” of Western Europe, older Americans are many thousand years old. In those forests, countless tall, high-needed trees have cooled that nation and mankind, cherished. Vietnam’s “knowledge forest” is inherently rare, has not yet cultivated and cared for, and needs the hands of the upskirt.

Adults reading contributes to fostering themselves and sharing values with the community, the child reads the book building their future and the country. I and you, if you are strong and durable efforts, know where to build a habit of reading to become a daily drink of rice in society. In that common goal, I hope as soon as possible, those who are tasked with designing home water education take action to create the opportunity to hear and read books of tens of millions of children, especially in the countryside. If perseverance sowing and watering the knowledge tree, you will have the knowledge forest, where many large trees shine the future.

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Read books to do?
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