Phu Quoc Pearl Island is a place that owns many beautiful coral reefs, capable of making any visitors love at first sight. To discover the beauty of this place when traveling in Phu Quoc, you can not ignore the snorkeling tours.

However, when participating in scuba diving activities, you will be organized by the Diving Tour unit in Phu Quoc to ensure safety, but you still need to prepare some knowledge for yourself, to find the right place with the experience and health of the best.

Where to dive?

Most of the small islands or beaches of Phu Quoc have stunning coral reefs and accompanying services. However, due to factors such as the depth of the reef, or the distance from the dive sites to the nearest shore area, there will be some locations that will not be suitable for those with little experience or first experience.

Due to the limited water level for the first time, scuba diving is from 6 meters to 10 meters, so the small island north of Phu Quoc will be the perfect choice for you. The fortune-teller islet and the eagle are two interesting coral viewing sites, and there are not too many challenges to be difficult for you, but the coral reefs are not abundant in other islands.

For the nail plate, the best time to dive into the coral is when the tide draws. The colorful coral trees are just 10 meters away from the sea surface, accompanied by the hidden herds or large pufferfish that escape the reefs that make you unable to stop seeing. Beneath the sandy bottom of the sea, there are a lot of little creatures, you will easily be able to detect them if you look carefully below.

Besides, if you have experienced diving 2 or more times, the Hill bait is the ideal place for you to explore. The vegetation in this area is quite rich, in addition to the vibrant colors of coral trees, you will also admire the colorful beauty of tropical fish. However, the water level is a higher part than the other coral spots in the North Island is 12 meters.

The southern islands often have deeper water levels, and will not be suitable for those you have not experienced scuba diving. However, if you participate in Phu Quoc tours only to the south of the island, it is possible to experience scuba diving at Roi Island and dry Hon Islet. Especially for those of you who love scuba diving, and have experienced seasoned in this field, the southern islands of Phu Quoc, the town is a haven for you.

Especially at the Turtle Island, the reef here is 20 meters deep than the sea surface, which facilitates the type of coral and marine biology flourished. Because the surrounding turtle is the flow of alluvial, it attracts a lot of different corals and marine creatures to live. If the marine ecosystem here is not enough for you, don’t hesitate to experience scuba diving at hon Cloud.

The beautiful scenery of the coral reefs and the abundant marine fauna system here will make anyone who has once experienced the desire to come back to explore more. With a depth of 25m, coral reefs have attracted many other marine creatures to eat, including large-sized animals such as sharks. The landscape of the bottom of the Phu Quoc Ocean will make you feel human beings are really too young.

How many types of scuba diving and how much is the price?

At present, the organizers of the Diving tour in Phu Quoc for tourists provide two main types of scuba diving that are snorkeling and scuba diving. For the type of snorkeling, coral diving is quite simple, you only need to wear a life jacket and wear scuba goggles is already able to watch the coral.

However, this method is only suitable for relatively shallow coral reefs and not many interesting things. But this method will fit many subjects including older adults and children with the price is also quite easy Chiu, ranging from 280.000 vnđ to 350.000 vnđ for 1 guest including hotel service and lunch onboard.

With the type of scuba diving in the coral, of course, there will be quite a high price range from 910,000 VND to 1,4 million VND for 1 guest. But this type will allow you to dive up to 5 meters deep and for 30 minutes, so it will be suitable for viewing deeper coral reefs. Besides, in addition to lunch and hotel on board, you will get to join the snorkeling comfortably and get to take the place if participating in this service.

What are the notes when diving?

Sometimes in the process of joining a scuba diving program. You should also prepare yourself for a little basic condition. As health, equipment, and money,… Because every time you participate in scuba diving at a certain beach, there are many situations where we do not forego. So, be prepared with basic information, before deciding to take part in a sea diving area.

– Health: Visitors who have a history of strong heart disease and high blood pressure, cannot participate in scuba diving because the pressure of seawater will cause the disease to be recurrent. In addition, after joining the snorkeling the body will take 24 hours to recover completely before boarding.

Therefore, for travelers traveling to Phu Quoc by plane, it is necessary to tailor appropriate time to not affect their health or to miss your schedule. In addition, visitors need to be aware of their current health situation, should not be diving in too little or too hungry.

The best time for you to join this activity is after eating 1 hour, and also do not forget the exercises before and after you get into the water, it will protect your body from the pressure change of the environment.

– Equipped: Usually, the tour organizer will prepare the necessary equipment for you, the only thing to do before visiting the reef is to check carefully the equipment, as the propeller is a too wide (?) snorkel and gas tank works well (?) In case you find it too tired or have a health problem, you can give your guide to get on board in time.

– Consciousness: Because the coral plants are quite sensitive, you will notice that the guide will not let you touch and them. To protect our rare landscape, you need to follow the rules of the guide, to protect yourself and the coral trees. But there are still some healthy corals so that you can feel them, your guide will remind you when you encounter a coral that needs to be preserved.

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