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In the launch program you and your first time, Phuong Anh would send you the story of the students in the cultural exchange program between the two States and Vietnam. For quite a long time, you will be divided into two.

In a period, he will tell you because the Strawberry Exchange program is formed and how it works. Second, we will follow the footprint of our students in the United States. Looking forward to the track.

Growing student Study

In the years near the rope, students learn more and more, and it is not new. It is worth noting that not only the students who have graduated from the economy but also even the beginner grade 11 in the economy and prepared in the 12th grade are also eager to study abroad.

In the last few years, there have been some foreign volunteer organizations, namely in the United States, efforts to help unload the children to study in the United States for a short time. This program is called Exchange Student, which is a cultural exchange program between students. In fact, this program is not uncommon in our country, before 1975 years have been engaged by many students. It was only 20 years later, until 1997 that the new oil captured again.

Youth For Understanding in the United States

At the headquarters of the Youth For Understanding, a volunteer organization, in BETHESDA, Maryland, has brought many Vietnamese students to the United States under the Cultural exchange program for many years, the British was Mr. Reid Rago, who was the steep master of the program, indicating the process of the cultural exchange.

Mr. Rago said: “At first, the cultural exchange program was implemented in 1951, between the American and German countries, high school students from Germany came in the families of the New Year according to the consent of the two governments. And our establishment was formed in Michigan by Mrs. Richer Anderson. In the mid-1951 year, students and Japanese students caught oil in the United States. Then our program is increasingly evolving. By 1960, 20 countries were involved, including Vietnam. 1978 we moved the headquarters to Washington D.C. and now in Maryland. So far, we have been working with 51 countries around the world. Every year we take about 2000 students everywhere in the United States. Here, Phuong Anh also met Mr. Nguyen Van Thi, a veranda is the executive director of this program in Vietnam. Said: Available in Vietnam in 1997… Bringing high school students and secondary schools… Under this program, you will be sponsored by a charity to study and live in the family of an American in one academic year“.

Ask the recruitment in Vietnam today, he said the following: “We can not work directly but must pass two universities and the Ministry of Education and Training… Cannot be directly recruited, but personally return to Vietnam twice a year to check…

The cultural exchange program the United States and Vietnam

Youth For Understanding in Vietnam

It’s work on the US side. Sir, after leaving Youth For Understanding, Phuong Anh contacted the coordinator, Ms. Nguyen my is doing the admissions job for the society in Ho Chi Minh city and gets her said the difficulties at work: “Not favorable because parents do not have a pronounced intent … Not supported by schools and even principals, namely the principle of Le Hong Phong…” Phuong Anh also asked about the case of good students in the remote provinces: “We have not had the means of information, because not officially… The principal schools do not want to help and popular because they are not entitled to profit …

Meanwhile, a parent named Nguyen Van Nhu, in the Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, his son knows about the cultural exchange program as follows: “My son studied English at the Vietnamese society, known for her teacher’s introduction… Then take care of everything… The biggest difficulty is that she finished school and graduated in the United States but Vietnam does not accept, must re-study 12th grade… As I have been learned, my son is a good and outstanding student“.

Door wide Open

In this 21st era, the world’s doors are open and the nations are increasingly close to each other as a neighbor. It is up to the Vietnamese youth to have a global education through cultural exchanges. There is nothing more effective for yourself to have access to that culture.

Indeed, it is a useful thing for you to live and study where the environment is completely different from the customs of our Vietnamese people, familiarize yourself with the way of learning as well as the customs of the natives, to build for the children knowledge and to have a deep understanding in the world before the threshold of the world.

But there are so many obstacles on the open road to the children and whether the proverb: Take a school day to be wise to suit you in this cultural exchange program? Invite you and your follow-up to the subject: Follow your feet to the United States, to see how you are living and how to study. The story each week is in charge of your farewell to you and you here. See you again later.

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