The hearts of the musicians

In the past spring days, at the music venues, or in the luxurious restaurants, or at pubs, bars, people often show organ players, violin scissors, or saxophone for professional singers or those who would like to contribute their singing to more fun.

These musicians play an equally important role in the party. What part of their language or trumpet did they decide for the party that the real guests had fun, and of course, the employer was satisfied and made a lot of money?

The musicians have to do so that please come and please the guests, although many are to be in the heart of Bo. In today’s program, you invite me to tell you about the hearts of these musicians.

What are the musicians ‘ minds?

It was the trumpet of a musician, having almost 40 years playing the Saxophone, currently playing at the Majestic restaurant, in Ho Chi Minh City. When Phuong Anh Dien asked to visit him on the working form of the musicians in the restaurant, he said:

I’m Nguyen Van Ha, this year is over 60 years old, now working on the Majestic restaurant, the musicians they just pick up in each one of their destinations. The person who feels to do quite, they retain, even rest.

Musicians, they keep picking up in each one of their destinations. The person who feels to do quite, they retain, even rest. There is no single board together to form aboard. Where they need a trumpet or a man, they’re going to let you go, not like the first one, and I’ll pull it off.

When asked about his remuneration, he said, “on the remuneration, the private placement was paid a little higher, many seats 200, which is done nightly, there is the place that pays 150 is also high”.

Question: Would you tell me what music he was blowing?

Answered: Playing jazz, the main player must fight with the piano, but because there is no piano because of the difficult means of moving, you must fight with the organ, let the piano in, empty jazz, a guitar solo, a bass guitar. That’s it.

Question: Sir, what is the amount of remuneration calculated?

Answered: Depending on the level, or the work, such as the bass guitar, for example, low wages, and the one you have quite high wages, are rarely equal. The Piano with the trumpet would ever be high, as it took the main role. If there’s no singer, I’m the main vocalist. Now, many musicians should be broken down, and few also do. This profession has been unemployed every year, so he must have a left-hand job, trade, or do something.

But now there are many musicians that should be broken down, few of them too. This profession has been unemployed every year, so he must have left-hand jobs, trade or do something. For the English arc, a 37-year-old young man, who played violin for the Ho Chi Minh City show, said the cause he had become a musician: “The earlier the trade, the latter was too moist, and then switched to violin”.

Question: Which school did you learn about the violin?

Answered: You’ve been studying for a long time, and then use it to go for a living, but before that doesn’t think. You’re in school because it’s hard to get into school if I don’t know if I can’t. Should be forced to study outside. School Masters but study at home.

Question: Which restaurant are you playing for now?

Answered: I just went to the show, for the gathering point and the Big Show, which must be acquainted with a skip, a familiarity.

Question: How is the remuneration, my brother?

Answered: The remuneration alone is good, but if there is a family is not enough.

When a singing movement begins to appear in pubs, bars, the owners must leave money to hire musicians and remuneration to be counted on a monthly contract with a fixed salary. Besides, when guests give money “boa” the musicians are also entitled to full.

But gradually, when it comes to finding a lot of money, the owners begin to calculate, so there are places where the musicians only have to be paid fixed sand. Also according to his words, when he was given a tip, he said his feelings:

“The gratuities are actually the same, but in general you have to go to work, I have to accept when the same salary is low, I must look at the boa. When it is too much for you to keep yourself in the same order, I will beat this article all the time, so many of you are also translating, demanding everything, ask me the lessons, money for, keep on. For example, a post for 10000 for instance, see. There are others who are more open, and people get up to people. But the money done is also divided all over you”.

Dear listeners, when asking about the sadness in the profession, Mr. Nguyen Van Ha said: “This profession is young, old people don’t spend. I’m older but I have a charm. It is generally a long time to quit, but in general, because living with light is long, it is sad to quit trades. At first, when I started playing at the restaurant, it doesn’t like it, I play the trumpet, and seeing people eating in front of me like this doesn’t like it, but you know it too. And when I play the music that people applauds, it’s comforting to me …”

What about you, Brother Ray?

With the voice of his mind: in fact, those who understand music, follow me very little, generally, people improvisation and people ask, they must follow people. I really don’t want to think of the sad ones.

“Going to meet you also have fun, in general, the same music, sad and there are many sad things. In fact, those who understand music follow me very little, they are generally improvised and people ask, they must follow people. I really don’t want to think of the sad ones. This work of music is because life has to be done, not like it”.

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Dear listeners, today, the musicians appear more and more, the antique players also begin to appear more in the pubs and also, therefore, the more competition makes the life of the musicians more difficult as the word Mr. Ha mind: “People go to work, people just need to take the, as people are new to the profession, the price is done”.

Because of that, the dream of the musicians is never only hoping to earn a stable place, not a bad deal. Let’s hear Anh Quang talking about our dream: Dreaming is the background of Vietnamese music will be a good day, there will be good people will really bring the Vietnamese background music better. But for now, just want to have a stable place and work long-term, not even more dreaming. Earning a steady place is great, or somewhere stable, good work, who is the same dream in our profession.

Ladies and gentlemen, who understand the hearts of the musicians?

It’s been five years practicing for his finger or trumpet, and contributing a small part to the performances of amateur singers, party festivals and especially contributing to the money pockets of restaurant owners and the extra-heavy capacitor.

But, to meet the bitterness of the part, and the hearts of the same. According to his words, the customer does not know how to sing and then the musician is common because it is a music player pierced, intentionally padded. The best gauge is the accompaniment for people who just don’t know singing and having steam.

And when accepting as a musician, they must be in the words of the word “fasting of nine things”, no matter how much a client is scolded and treated, he must also remain silent if he does not want to lose his job.

Wishing that day is not far, the musicians will be more respected so that their lives are not sad lonely notes. The story every week please stop here. I would stay again and see you again and again.

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The hearts of the musicians
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