To perpetuate one’s family lineage

When the wife reported that we were going to have a daughter, I thought I would get in trouble. At that time, I couldn’t really imagine what I was going to do with a little girl. Playing dolls? Pigtails with full-color ropes? Those things, I don’t have any excitement and experience. It would have been easier for me if my wife was pregnant with a boy, I just brought a military model and her father was not a great sport.

The Western or Oriental people also have a psychological priority on the baby’s gender that is about to be born. That emotion is from the mechanism of action of our human brain. It’s like you like the blue color. According to some studies and statistics, Americans tend to prefer to birth sons over daughters.

My wife did a very meaningful job of seeing my embarrassment. She encouraged me to chat with the fetus daily. By doing so, gradually forming the invisible bond between me and my daughter. I also realized that caring for a little girl is very interesting, thanks for reading a few books and countless “links” or on the Internet. And out of having to say, how excited I was when I first put my daughter’s tiny hand in the heart of his hand. Overcoming the problem called “disappointment,” I think I was lucky and not good or coughing. We all own the brain quite grotesque, then it makes us intelligent, clear, then we will lead us into darkness, blindly. It is not surprising that many parents stab the bored, indifferent, and do not want to take care of the baby when expectations about the gender of the child are not reached. So far, they need to consult a psychologist to overcome this disappointment.

The priority of sex is sometimes more horrible, which causes parents to get rid of the fetus. In recent statistics in Vietnam, more than 40,000 girls have not been able to store their crying birth. I wonder how many of them beings are not full-shaped because of gender as a daughter? If it is possible to blame the mechanism of the brain’s operation, the removal of the fetus for gender reasons is possible sympathetic? I don’t think so. Many people seem to be afraid to know that my wife and I have a daughter. They counseled: “Try to add a son to me” with the reason “the son will be the one bearing the name and save your lineage.” I’m sure this is the ant that makes the pressure to be born of the son at all costs in society.

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The initiative is not necessarily anything evil, its primitive roots are helping humans to be less confused and make decisions more quickly. It is worth saying that when social initiative creates intuitive thinking, sticking to the human subconscious, can not be changed even if knowledge, circumstances, needs change. Sometimes we forget that the light of man is in our own self-awareness (reflex thinking). The ant must be born to a son of a path that may arise from biological knowledge when the Y chromosome is said to be hereditary to later life without recombinant such as X chromosome.

To perpetuate one's family lineage

The problem is that genetic X or Y happens completely randomly, meaning “trying to add a boy” is beyond our control. Unfortunately, we often do not have the exact perception of the outcome that the random brings. Speaking of their name, it was true that the Western women had to change their husbands and women in Vietnam (including my wife) to keep their names after marriage. Even if you are an ethnic K’ho woman, men must follow you in the groom and follow their home. As I know, the law does not prohibit children from bringing their mothers, and most of them do not want that.

My mother had been expecting my wife-then in the fetus-was a son. Not that she did not love her daughter, but she feared that her daughter would suffer many of the disadvantaged in society to respect men. That means my wife and I are aware of injustice for women. She did not like it, wanting to resist it but still could not overcome the crowd thinking. Say so to know that changing the initiative is not easy. Just as we feel angry when we look at foreign men’s images to Vietnam to buy a wife, the news of trafficking or invasive women. But then we still prioritize the birth of the son, forgetting that the source of these problems is the great importance of the male contempt.

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I do not think you want Vietnam to continue the experience of not very nice Chinese or Indian, where the population structure is spread too big between men and women. Just imagine the day when many men had to scramble a woman to not die alone, I saw that life was miserable. So that day does not come, we will begin by changing the initiative. If the use of public policy, the provisions of the law sometimes stumble upon the issues of freedom, human rights, I think education will be a soft tool effectively. It will silently create an underground wave until it reaches a large enough consensus in society, which will create a kick to change it.

I also gave my daughter a first military model, the first step in educating daughters to remove framed ants and empower children. Daughters can do what the son does if you like. It’s for the fathers who are trying to have a daughter like me before: Don’t be too worried. Actually your world has only one, and you will be showing it the same regardless of your child’s gender. Not to mention the interesting things when caring for a baby girl, I myself am suddenly becoming more gentle, more understanding, more elegant, more use of the language because of the sense that those things are meaningful in the journey of his daughter.

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To perpetuate one’s family lineage
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