Tobacco and COVID

Smokers often suffer from impaired lung function, therefore there is a greater risk of disease in the Covid-19 infection. According to the World Health Organization, besides, the movement of hands on the nose, mouth when smoking also increases the risk of spreading diseases.

According to PGS. Ts. Luong Ngoc Khue, recent epidemiological studies show that smokers when the nCoV infection is at risk of special care, mechanical ventilation, or death 2.4 times higher than normal. In this epidemic, I hope you addicted to smoking try to quit it.

The Ministry of Health states that Vietnam is located in 15 countries with the highest tobacco use rate in the world, with approximately 18 million people on a total of 96 million smokers. There are nearly 50% of men and 5% of females of adult age in Vietnam regularly smoking cigarettes. Among the smokers in Vietnam, 75.9% suck at least half a pack of medicines per day, and 37.6% use all packages. It is not to mention that about 42 million innocent people are influenced by passive smoking.

In those who are reading this, everyone has heard about the harmful effects of tobacco and health. In tobacco smoke, there are 7,000 chemical compounds, mostly toxic substances, including about 60 cancer-related substances, the most dangerous is nicotine. Nicotine very easily penetrates the body through the respiratory tract, even through the skin.

Smoking causes excessive harm to health. Up to 30% of tobacco-related cancers. Not only lung cancer but also nose cancer, mouth, tongue, throat, salivary glands, larynx, esophagus, penis, uterus, breast… Tobacco also causes hair loss, cataract, wrinkled skin, chronic pulmonary congestion, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, yellow nails, spermatogenic deformation leading to infertility… The World Health Organization said cigarettes do more than 8 million people globally fatalities each year. More than 7 million of them smoke directly and about 1.2 million fatalities although not sucked but exposed to cigarette smoke.

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These most vulnerable people are women, children, and elderly people. Can say, “catch” others have to breathe his smoke is crimes. That’s not to mention expensive money. Few people know that every year Vietnam is about 22,000 billion VND in the consumption of tobacco.

Tobacco and COVID

Not smoking is it difficult? If parents are resolute, you, I don’t suck. Both my inner family and my grandmother had several dozen people, no smoking. Growing up in the family, I saw the role of the father is the most important. What if you’re smoking, you, me? I’m preventing you from smoking, I’ll stop you. Experience is yet to be addictive, how can it be addicted?

My child has a tobacco addict, each time he has to play, he must run out of the hallway to “hiss a new one.” I honestly don’t understand what is so happy? Advised his wife to be able to stop her husband, she said, “he knew cigarettes from before you knew me.”

I don’t have to quit the cigarette. On the net, I see there are no fewer tobacco removal instructions. For example: When you want to suck your salt, inhale deep cinnamon, drink lemon honey water, drink red wine… If you find it hard to take medication prescribed by a physician.

On the occasion of the anti-COVID-19, the health sector can petition with the government to launch a movement calling for the people who addicted to tobacco quit smoking. It’s a lot of pride, but this time it can’t be said, it should be accompanied by more specific policy and processing. Article 16 of the Government decree 45/2005 provisions: “Warning or fines from 50,000 to 100,000 dong for one of the acts: smoking, Lao medicines in public places such as in theaters, cinemas, meeting rooms, offices, hospitals, libraries, terminal lounges, bus stations, airports, harbors, on public transport or in other public places regulated prohibitions; Sale of tobacco, Lao Medicines for children under 16 years old “. But I have not seen anyone because smoking is fine as the decree above stated. And with a small amount of money like that, is there anyone afraid of losing money that quit cigarettes?

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To Singapore, I find that they have many measures that limit tobacco consumption. The law prohibits salon owners from exhibiting tobacco products, the goal is to avoid the buyer of phat powder, especially acts that come from young men. The state legislature also petitions to raise the legal age for tobacco purchases from 18 to 21. Many of you tell me that Japanese tobacco cessation candy does not contain Nicotine, does not cause dependence on the use of candy, you just have to maintain this habit of candy for 2-3 months, surely you will abandon successfully get cigarettes. Remember the words of President Ho Chi Minh, “There is no hard work, just fear not durable,” I urge you to read more than to share your tobacco experience so that you can be more persistent than you can give up. Adding a cigarette-removing person, adding more benefits to everyone around society.

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Tobacco and COVID
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