Definition Of Abominable. Synonyms: offensive, appalling, disgusting, dreadful, evil, foul, gross, hideous, horrendous, horrid, loathsome, nasty, nauseating, obnoxious, obscene, repulsive, revolting, scandalous, shocking, sickening.

When I heard picked up the new Twiztid CD today at my local Best Buy I felt like a teenager again. I was excited. Long are the days where you go to a store and pick up a CD every time an artist releases something new. For me usually, there’s a bigger and at the same time lazier process I go through before actually purchasing music. With a market so saturated with hip-hop music it seems like everyone is releasing something every other day.

You listen to the snippets on iTunes, or watch the single’s video on YouTube before until you know the words before going to the CD store, or even worse. Download it. Let’s be real here. We all download music. I usually check out the CD online because nowadays for a CD to be solid all the way through is a miracle. If it sucks, fuck that. Why go get the CD? I am guilty. Nonetheless, I am a fan. If I dig it, I buy the music every time.

There is a laundry list of artists I support. I get their CD because they deserve the sale. Plus having the real CD in your hand is like opening a gift. I love to sit down and read the credits and thank yous. I like to stare at the artwork. As a kid, I would do this for hours while listening to the music and spacing out. There is a small handful of artists or groups whose CD’s I don’t have to hear before buying them.

One is Tech N9ne. The other is Twiztid. I couldn’t wait to get home and peel off the plastic, blaze a joint and pop the CD in, and flip through their booklet. When I read that Seven, the man behind production for Tech N9ne produced nearly every track on the album I knew it would get repeat treatment for weeks. They say told me it’s their best work. Every artist says that. This time I believe them.

The title popped out at me. Abominations. What did it mean? What was the significance? I looked it up. Abominable. Worthy of or causing disgust or hatred. Synonyms: offensive, appalling, disgusting, dreadful, evil, foul, gross, hideous, horrendous, horrid, loathsome, nasty, nauseating, obnoxious, obscene, repulsive, revolting, scandalous, shocking, sickening… Need I say more? Do you want Twiztid in their darkest form? There they are.

I’ve been a fan of Twiztid since the very beginning. I’ve followed their career since the day I got my Psychopathic Records newsletter in the mail with the blue flyer for Mostasteless. I’ve read all the interviews in magazines and online, and now I was about to interview them first to celebrate the release of their new album. What should I ask them? What shouldn’t I ask them? This interview is for you. We asked the Juggalos what questions they wanted to be answered first and we deliver. Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child speak with no filter so don’t get it twisted. They don’t sugar coat shit.

“Did you know January will be 15 years of us being at Psychopathic Records?”.

This last year has been kind of big for Twiztid. How was it touring earlier in the year with Blaze and the Kottonmouth Kings for Kaos & Chronic?

– Monoxide Child: It was cool because we have never done anything like that. Like, co-headlined with anybody. Like, that was different to start with. Like going out with Kottonmouth Kings. That was like 10 years in the making. We were going to go out, and then everything went to crap, and it took 10 years to put that back together.

– Jamie Madrox: It was actually really cool. It was fun. It was something that was supposed to happen a long time ago and didn’t happen, and then when it did happen it was super awesome. Like getting to know those people, like I’ve known of them, like in passing like what’s up, but never like knew ’em? Do you know what I mean? It was just really cool meeting them like Brad X I’ve known for a while but like Bobby B, and like D-Loc, Richter and all them cats and be able to chop it up and know them as people. Of course, Blaze was on the tour, he’s our man 50 grand, he’s like a brother. we’ve known him for a while but it was a really good tour. It was a nice package.

– Monoxide Child: I think it went really well. If it wasn’t for Blaze I probably wouldn’t have my sanity on tour. That’s the guy I go to jail with all the time. That’s my jail buddy. He’s not going with me on this next tour so that makes me kind of nervous. I don’t like jail. Maybe I might have to take One Ton from Potluck with me next time. I don’t know. Some people don’t mind jail though. They would be like ‘Hey! Family reunion…’

With the FBI lawsuit at the center of the news, we always get to hear ICP’s take on the subject. One thing I have always wondered is that being on the label, that makes you a high ranking member in the eyes of the government. Is that a scary feeling?

– Monoxide Child: Honestly? We’re just artists…

– Jamie Madrox: I don’t know man. I just think the whole situation is just silly. It’s like… I’ll relate it to another situation. It’s kind of like a racist thing. Racism is still very prevalent in America. People like to act like it isn’t, and it’s kind of like that you know what I’m sayin’? People judge a whole group for no reason. It builds a stereotype even though it’s not even true. Do you know? I don’t know. It’s whatever.

So Abominationz was released just yesterday, what was the process like recording this album?

– Monoxide Child: Hmm how do you explain a process and not be like everyone that says ‘we were in the magical woods of Never World! The Moon was aligned with the Sun!’. It’s like, this album was supposed to be a crazy, sick demented, get pulled off the shelves kind of throwback. But it turned into this hate-filled, revenge against the world, project you know what I mean? Abominations were the last title of the record. There were three other titles before it finally became what it was. It started out one way, then we went out on tour, and when we came back, and it was a whole different way. Some of the songs, I got like eight different versions of them. Do you know what I mean? It was different. It was very, very hate-filled if that makes sense. Every song came with ease because we found the focus. How do you explain a process? It’s tough. But that was the mental state. I can tell you that.

– Jamie Madrox: It was also different this time around because we worked with this new dude Joe Strange. He’s like different when it comes to like, sounds and tweaking noises and shit. He’s like really musically inclined, and Monoxide is like that as well, so like, the two of them would spend hours and hours of just turning knobs and tweaking things and the end result of that is amazing. But at the time and place, I would just like, be sitting there from the outside looking in and be like what the fuck are y’all doing??

– Monoxide Child: He’s like a Grammy award-winning engineer. I don’t really give a shit that he has a Grammy, but what that says is that he has an impeccable ear. So stuff sounds differently to him as it would to a lot of other people. So our sound is different on this CD. Right off the bat with the first song you can hear that. I love it. It’s so awesome.

– Jamie Madrox: You can really hear that. As far as production goes, we had one guy do the entire album except for like one song. Seven. You already know about my man is the shit. I don’t even get to say that.

How do you think Abominationz compares to the rest of the Twiztid catalog? How do you feel it will stand out?

– Jamie Madrox: That’s a good question.

– Monoxide Child: In my mind, None of those records can hold a candle to Abominations. None of them. I’ll tell you right now. One hundred percent. Abominations are hands down by far our best shit. I’ll probably say that about the next CD. I’ll probably say it the one after that. The day when we stop saying that, is the day we stop making records. That’s when we walk away from music. Until we reach our pinnacle, we’re going to keep doing it. I don’t give a fuck…

– Jamie Madrox: I would say that with every record that we do, as you grow as an entertainer, you always get better. It’s like wine. We get better with age. You learn things. Your delivery, your timing, and I feel like at this point in our lives we are at the peak of our game. It stands out because this is our best offering to date. I know a lot of people say that, so for me to say it, it’s kind of lame but it’s true. This is our best offering to date.

You guys recorded it because you wanted to, not because you had to…

– Jamie Madrox: Right! When you find yourself yearning to do it. When you feel like you want to, you know. You’re like, let’s do this.

– Monoxide Child: Age doesn’t matter in this shit. Things are different now. Motherfuckers aren’t even blowing up until their 40. Do you know what I mean? Like god damn. It’s a different ball game now. Your not as smart at 30 as you are at 40. I’ll be doing this until I’m 60 and take this shit to Vegas. The Twiztid review! Imagine a bunch of painted up old motherfuckers looking crazy. One of us on oxygen and one of us in a wheelchair? Doing it.

How much is Twiztid involved with some of the days to day operations at Psychopathic Records?

– Monoxide Child: We’re just artists. It ain’t like it used to be. They run the company. It’s crazy because people attack us for everything. ‘Why isn’t my pre-order here??’ ‘Why isn’t your album getting promoted?’ ‘Why don’t you have a video?’ All we have control over now is recording our record. That’s it. Record the CD. If they don’t launch merchandise then they don’t launch merchandise If they don’t promote the record they don’t. If they sign Hutch, they sign Hutch. Nothing they do have a reflection on me and Jamie because we have no input on it. It’s not like it used to be where everybody would sit down and come to an agreement on things. Now it’s like the company and the artist. I like it. I would much rather just worry about Twiztid. It’s easier this way.

From the sound of the album, it seems like keeping the focus on your music is a good thing. We love the new sound.

– Monoxide Child: It sounds good. We deserve it. We’ve been doing shit this shit forever. Did you know January will be 15 years of us being at Psychopathic Records? 15 years. That’s just unheard of. Come on. For real. Mothafuckas don’t even stay on basketball teams that long. The kind of loyalty we show? You just don’t see shit like that it’s kind of crazy. I was just wondering about that. Boondox is gone. Right? The crazy thing is like, 8 years ago? Boondox would be out of business right now. Now? It don’t fuckin matter. It doesn’t matter. I checked Boondox and Boondox still has 40,000 Twitter followers. Everybody waiting on a Boondox record. Do you know what I mean? It’s different now. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. That’s why they don’t like it when we do interviews. They will be like did he just say that?? I just don’t give a shit. Whatever. Fuck it.

Do you guys watch a lot of what’s going on in the underground?

– Jamie Madrox: I try to pay attention to a lot. There are a couple of cats out there that are doing it. Obviously, if I say Prozak people are going to be like yeah he doesn’t count because now he has a deal! But Prozak’s out there doing it. Mars is out there doing it. King Gordy is doing it. So Sick Social Club’s doing it. There’s a bunch of cats out there on the grind straight up doing it. I got nothing but love and appreciation for that because that’s where we came from.

– Monoxide Child: There’s people fuckin doing it! You got Buckshot, mothafuckin Kung Fu Vampire. You got people everywhere. T.O.N.E.-Z still doing it, A-JAX. Should we be the only mothafuckas doing it? Hell no! I hope you look at us and our situation and be like, they did it. Why can’t we? That’s what its all about for us. I respect the underground. We can’t be the only ones out there doing it. There’s just nobody doing it like us and the way we sound. I want to be an inspiration. It’s one thing saving people’s lives but changing people’s lives? I want a motherfucker to look at us like he did it. These motherfuckers came from nothing. Do you think I’m bullshittin? I didn’t have anything growing up. Me and Jamie. Now I have a gold Amex card. They didn’t think I was gonna have credit! This is crazy you know what I mean? We came to a long way man. Respect your craft and find your niche. It’s wide open. There ain’t no throne sitters around here. Ain’t nobody sitting on no throne. That throne stuff is mainstream shit. Down here it’s a mothafuckin mosh pit. You can either survive, or you can’t. Simple as that. 15 years and we are still surviving in this bitch. We are bringing our best.

Twiztid Interview

“Our sound is different on this CD. Right off the bat with the first song you can hear that.”

Do you ever come across a group and just think to yourself like, why are they trying to be us?

– Monoxide Child: This is the real shit. I watch it all. We watch as much as we can. Put it like that. What I don’t see? I hear about it. I’ve yet to this day hear anything like me and Jamie. Nothing like me and Jamie. I’ve heard people try to sound like us… I’ve just never heard any two dudes come anywhere close to do what we’re doing. Never. Not to this day and when I do? Believe me. Y’all will know! We’ll try to put their asses out. I don’t want people to think I’m going and hating on them. There’s a lot of people doing good. Really good. But sounding like us? I don’t think there’s anyone. The day that there is? We got a problem. I don’t want to do anything anyone else could do because that’s what makes us special. That’s like Tech. Who the fuck could rap like this mothafucka? Who the fuck could rap that fast? Nobody. That shit’s special. If everybody was doing that, Tech would be like aww man, damn. I think it’s awesome. We take pride in that as well. Sure you can throw some makeup on and your special contacts, from Wal Mart or wherever the fuck you get them but… whatever. That’s why we are still here. That’s why I think we’re still doing this. There ain’t nothing that can replace us yet. I don’t want to sound like an egotistical asshole… I’m high, I’m keeping it one hundred with you. There’s no filter here. There’s no filter. I might say some shit and have the record label pull me in and be like what the fuck are you talking about? One of my personal favorite’s of yours is Independents Day because of all of the collaborations.

Who are some artists that you haven’t worked with that you would like to?

– Monoxide Child: There’s a ton of people but off the top of my head right now? Pusha T is the fuckin shit. Do you know who that is? From The Clipse? Oh my god. Dude is just ridiculous. Just his voice… I just kicked it with Danny Brown. I want to do something with him. Go check him out if you haven’t heard of him. That motherfucker is on his shit. Who else would I fuck with? I like Outcast. That’s probably like my top favorite number one band. I like them the most. Those are my favorite rappers. I like Luda. Do you know what I mean? There’s all kinds of motherfuckers I would fuck with. Right now if I could call anyone and be like look I have a track for you hands down it would be Pusha T. That’s probably disappointing to a lot of people. That’s some real shit though. What it is? That dude can rap! God damn. It’s hard to inspire me. There’s only a few motherfuckers that I could put on and be like oh my god! The other one is 2 Pac. Do you know what I mean? That’s pretty much it. There ain’t a lot of that now you know what I mean?

– Jamie Madrox: There’s a lot of people I would like to work with that I haven’t had to work with yet. I like the more rock and roll aspect. There are a few rappers out there, and hip-hop artists that I would love to work with but you know that’s more Monoxide’s field. Sometimes we get lucky and we get to do songs with other rappers and shit but I can’t front. I would love to work with Rob Zombie. He’s the shit. I like Mos Def I think he’s fresh. I think he’s an awesome lyricist. Our tastes are so completely different when it comes to music I think that’s why we gel well when we’re together because we’re so completely opposite. I don’t know if you paid attention to the whole Rob Zombie / Marilyn Manson beef they have had on tour recently. In Detroit, they were talking shit back and forth on the stage.

Who do you think would win in a fight?

– Jamie Madrox: Clearly Rob Zombie… you know what I mean? I heard a little bit about it. At first, I thought it was like a PR scam. Let’s clown on each other a little and see if we can get some TMZ love and what not but people are very adamant about they really hate each other. Touring could go both ways. Sometimes is a good experience and sometimes it can be really really shitty. I’m thinking it could be one of those times that it was really shitty and those cats did not work well together. I know Zombie went out with Alice Cooper and that went really well. They got a lot of praise from the tour and everyone was saying they would do it again. It’s hard when you get two mega egos together and they clash.

Do you guys plan on doing any more solo albums?

– Monoxide Child: I’m working on a solo record right now. If I could talk Jamie into doing one too that would be cool. We talked about doing one as Outkast did. We’re both big fans of theirs. They released solo records, together. I thought that was fuckin awesome. I just wish they would have had more songs together. That’s what would be the difference between ours and theirs. Ours would have six songs together, six songs with just him, and six songs with just me. It would be one CD.

– Jamie Madrox: I never say no. I’m down for whatever the road brings. You know. Whatever the forks in the road may be. But Yeah, probably. I don’t wanna say no. I don’t want to say yes. It would be cool to flip the script and maybe do different projects. Not necessarily a solo record but as far as maybe an off the wall side project. I’m really intrigued by artists like Mike Patton. Mr. Bungle. The dude from Faith No More. I’m intrigued by the fact that he’s in like 15 groups. It’s fuckin insane to think that there’s probably no musical element inside of him creatively that he hasn’t got out of his system. If he couldn’t do it with Faith No More, he did it with Mr. Bungle. If he couldn’t do it there he did it with Peeping Tom. I think that’s really fresh. I can relate to it vaguely because obviously we got Twiztid, Lotus, Rydaz, and that kind of shit. I think stuff like that’s really cool.

– Monoxide Child: We don’t stop. It never stops. We can do this forever. It’s getting to the point where I’m getting bored with music. I want to do movies. I want to act. That’s my fuckin love. I want to, turn the camera on let’s do what we do. I think when it’s all said and done? We will be known for our acting more than we’ll be known for our music. Right now your like NO! You watch. You remember I told you this. When its all said and done, people are going to be like… Paul Metric is a great actor! Remember he was in the band Twiztid? Remember Twiztid? That’s how I think it’s going to end. You got two forever mothafuckas. We’re going to be in this shit forever. I’d rather be doing this shit forever than landscaping. Do you know what I mean? Fuck that!

Twiztid Interview

“We don’t stop. It’s never going to stop. We can do this forever.”

What about your other talents Jamie? Your artwork is amazing. I know you’ve wanted to try different things like comic books and stuff. Do you plan on doing more with that?

– Jamie Madrox: We tried a long time ago to do like a series or a line of t-shirts. It was real short-lived. Like a Monster Brand thing. I’ve been kicking it around over the years and like with music you get better with things over time. I’ve been really thinking about maybe doing a line of clothing and doing some of the artwork and trying to make that fresh. The whole comic book aspect kind of comes from me but my biggest problem is having to draw the same image again and again. If your story paneling something you obviously have to draw the same character again, and again, and again. That’s where it loses me. I don’t know if that’s what holds me back from being able to do that. That’s pretty much my roadblock when it comes to doing comic books but one shot drawings and lithographs and stuff like that? I can see something like that being a possibility as far as for the artwork stuff.

Something that hasn’t been talked about really is that this year, there is no Monsters Ball. Why is that?

– Jamie Madrox: That’s a damn good question. You can write that down. That’s a damn good question. I have no answer for that other than in the Malay of everything, releasing the record, planning the tour, and getting merchandising ready, it just got lost in the sauce.

But there will be a New Years Evil though this year right?

– Jamie Madrox: That I would almost say yeah. I would say there will be a New Years Evil this year.

– Monoxide Child: Peabody’s in Cleveland and that is tough. People get pissed. Let me explain to people about all the stuff we have nothing to do with. We have nothing to do with shipping pre-orders. Nothin! We have nothing to do with booking tour dates. Nothin. We have nothing to do with picking a venue. We have nothing to do with this stuff. We have nothing to do with the merchandise on Hatchet Gear. But they will berate us! They’ll be like hey I went to my mailbox today and… you know how many of those are on Twitter right now? Thousands! I understand. Do your thing, be mad but you are directing your anger towards the wrong outlet. If I had the number for you to call I’d give it to you right now. Like here it is extension 615! Wouldn’t that be funny if that was really the extension? I don’t know… But I do know this. Go get Abominationz it’s our best work yet.

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