Vaccine for the epidemic zone

Between the centers, she picked up over 70 years old and remained out of the home. She pulled the cover on the road, walking around the alley, barging in the Trash.

I saw the little instrument as a child, the back of the fold, dressed in sloppy, low leg height. I asked it, actually, to spin a reporter. She lived alone in the east resettlement of Tien Son Bridge, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang. Her face was deflected, and the eye was pulled down, and the lips made the kids dare not get close. She said, “I know the translation, you’re at home all week.” “The epidemic of the sky had to go, and more than at home starvation”, she told, “just looking forward to something that can sell.”

Near her home, the man is 40 years old, the face has some white cut by poison orange, after a few days the translation also re-export again. In the evening, when garbage in families began to be taken out, I found the familiar bike stopping in front of the house. His figure, wearing plastic sandals, he sandwiched his legs to keep the car, the run running the Iron rod on each trash. The bike hooks up according to the umbrella of the British sweater throughout the residential area. He said, the money was obtained from little shells, paper boxes, and snacks, nothing but “to live”.

Not only she picked up or he “orange”, but the number of poor people who lay alive through the day in Da Nang is also growing. The problem between epidemic and daily rice is actually taking place in many houses where the center is translated. Da Nang made a social break almost a month, many people with labor contracts have lost their jobs, those who do the hand-foot jobs, self-playing difficult. We met the weak or the seller of sale, those who left the non-wage, had to stay home over the last three weeks, the story has decimated a feast of anxieties ahead.

Covid-19 to make 514 enterprises in the high-tech park and Da Nang industrial zone affected, over 2,800 workers have to leave for a temporary period of 14 days. Statistics of the Danang Tourism Association showed that since the outbreak on 25/7 to date, tourism in the city about 0, services of heavy losses, thousands of workers in the system of goods, transportation, tourism lost income. The hotel business, the residence is evident to face the terrible pressure on finance. Many people borrow their own food because of worries about interest paid by banks.

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Da Nang’s appearance, in addition to the picture of medical staff, strained all day and night, all the city nowhere to see the quarantine barrier. The Austrian army of the defense is present everywhere, the areas blockaded by red-white wire horizontal along with the sea-room newspaper. But that is not all, more deeply submerged, more implicit than the economic breakage, is the concern of life of the poor population, the pressure on social security that the administration faces. Preliminary statistics of the Department of Labor Invalids and Social Affairs of Da Nang, currently more than 20,000 poor households, near-poor with over 50,000 imports and about 30,000 cases are really difficult. In addition, about 16,000 foreign workers are trapped in Da Nang also very supportive. The accumulation of this group is almost depleted.

Vaccine for the epidemic zone

The 0 bronze market, a free mobile supermarket appeared in Thanh Khe, Son Tra by the strong common forces opened. The support shipments also began to redirect from hospitals, quarantine zones, quarantine handles to poor subjects, the weaker. Seeing the people holding the gifts, shrimp, rice, sauce, I find them really important to them, not least medical devices with the hospital headline.

After three months of stopping operation, the ATM Rice has operated back at the Red Cross of the city. Six other ATM trees are being installed in the central districts. The board of Danang City Nest Committee has also transformed 200 tons of rice down the county to support poor households, poor households, and those who are difficult in the medical quarantine. But not all poor people get rice, by some wards said “still reviewing”, although in theory the poor households, difficult people have been statistically from before to serve social security. When we find topics for newsletters every day, we recognize every day more difficult people in the center of the epidemic. Some poor households said, “Rice has arrived in the county, wards, but waited forever yet to play”. A lot of people have been actively texting the phone number or profile of the strongest military to ask for help.

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Wondering about the incomplete relief packages disbursements all over the country still there, and at this time, thousands of poor people in Da Nang are still waiting for the welfare package of the season. The joint from the charity, although not promising, when the epidemic in Da Nang is not really good, social spacing may have to stretch further. Some strong armies have also returned to worry for their businesses and families.

She picked up and those who picked up the bottle did not dare require much. They are trying to make their own meals, and where to burden them. I know they are always self-esteem, but I also know if so that people have to make the biological path at this can be divisible to the translation room, especially on the day Da Nang is still going to record more community illness.

The city is computing to a plan that will remove the local spacing in some safe areas so that the society operates again, as well as the way for the people to work, the birth pressure is diminished. However, while waiting for that day, how to replenish the dose of the welfare vaccine promptly for those who are layout there? Poor, near-poor households already on the statistical list look forward to “disbursement” of rice and necessities real fast. The government, if adopted by the street leader, can be quickly reviewed to complement other groups of objects into the relief portfolio. I always believe in the poor. They only put their hands to support when it’s really hard.

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Vaccine for the epidemic zone

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